1st Dozen Articles, Videos and Features About the Canadian Truckers

What is Happening in Canada… ==========AND========== Canadian “Trampled Lady” Speaks Out from Hospital Bed Against “#BlackFaceHitler” ==========AND========== Italy’s Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano Endorses the Canadian Truck Drivers Against the New […] Read More

3rd Set of Eleven Articles About Politics in General

Mainstream Media Has Abandoned the American Working Class: Newsweek Editor https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/mainstream-media-has-abandoned-the-american-working-class-newsweek-editor_4084212.html ==========AND========== IT’S OFFICIAL: Humble Commercial Truck Driver Defeats One of the Most Powerful Democrats in New Jersey After Spending […] Read More

How to outsmart the doomed DEATH CULT masses who now surround us

https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-05-13-how-to-outsmart-the-doomed-death-cult-masses-who-now-surround-us.html (Natural News) The masses walking around society today have become a death cult of lunatics who believe a long list of insane, self-destructive things: That being injected with deadly, […] Read More

Escalating Middle East Violence and Two Articles Blasting anti-American Ilhan Omar for Supporting It

Shocking — All Networks Blame Israel for Escalating Palestinian Violence After 160 Rockets Fired From Gaza Into Israel https://redstate.com/shipwreckedcrew/2021/05/11/shocking-all-networks-blame-israel-for-escalating-palestinian-violence-after-160-rockets-fired-from-gaza-into-israel-n378061 As sure as night turns into day, the major media networks […] Read More