BASS Guitar Playing and Instruction

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Since I have enjoyed playing bass guitar for many years, I wanted to share the resources I use and have gathered for improving my (our) playing. Here are some of the more prominent bass instructors I would recommend…some only have YouTube channels, other have their own websites…enjoy and rock on!

These are teaching sites…fun players follow these…More to come!

Mark J. Smith – Talking Bass
Luke McIntosh – Become A Bassist
James Eager – eBassGuitar
Scott Devine
Paul Wolfe – How to Play Bass
Jeff Berlin Music Group
Bass Buzz
No Treble

Okay, now here are players who have shown me how to play tunes or have outstanding expertise in playing or both (my favorites, as there are sooooo many great ones)…

Troy – TJH3113
Constantine Isslamow
Charles Berthoud

Maybe a section for the all-time greats coming soon…