Knitting Group Offers Plush Prosthetic Penises Transgender Children Can Wear in Their Panties

In the “I Can’t Believe This is Real” category comes this…

By Alex Parker

In 2021, knitting isn’t just for the old and old-fashioned.

According to an online ad, knitting group Stitchbug Studio is offering items you may not have ever before seen.

Per the webpage, it’s selling soft, yarn-made genitals for kids.

Such is intended for, it appears, little girls who identify as the opposite of their sex; the plush versions of penises are made to be worn by the little tykes in their underwear.

From the official description:

Bitty Bug® soft packer is a custom prosthetic packer in youth sizes, made from soft durable yarn and polyester filling. It is easy to wear pinned to underclothes or tucked in a packing pouch, and can be felt by the wearer without being visible externally (shown in a pair of undies to demonstrate).

For those moms or dads who would rather their youngster have a firmer appendage, they’re out of luck:

Silicone prosthetics do not come in sizes appropriate for smaller bodies, and can create unsightly and age-inappropriate shape.

But also, they’re in luck:

The Bitty Bug® is lightweight, comfortable, low maintenance, and can be tossed in the washing machine.

The Studio ensures, “Each Bitty Bug® is handmade to order.”

And don’t let the presumption of size limitations put you off:

We also make the Lil’ Bug® and Lil’ Bug Jr.® in sizes suitable for teens and adults. If you need a Bitty Bug® in a different size or configuration, please reach out to us and we will make the necessary adjustments.

Considering our societal evolution, one might say it’s a natural occurrence.

In a relatively short time, the concept of binary sex appears to have been all but replaced by the notion of open-ended gender identity.

As I covered in March, per its official educational standards, Nebraska was eyeing instructing kindergarteners on sexual identity and schooling 11-year-olds on pansexuality and demigenderism.

For more on that last term, here’s Cosmopolitan:

Two-spirit is an umbrella term that encompasses all gender and sexual diversities outside the classic binary genders. The most appropriate gender identity to compare it to would be queer (which is also a generic umbrella term).

But because of the number two in “two-spirit,” the term is now often used (outside of the Indigenous community) interchangeably with demigender, bigender, and gender-fluid — aka how people identify when they experience themselves across multiple spectrums of gender.

In California, officials have decided insurance companies can’t deny transgender mastectomy based on age.

And as of April, New Jersey offers three options for “gender” on drivers licenses:

  • M (Male)
  • F (Female)
  • X (Unspecified)

As for educating children on the possibilities, Cartoon Network recently released a PSA explaining, “We can’t tell someone’s gender just by looking at them, and shouldn’t assume we know. There are many gender identities beyond ‘girl’ or ‘boy.’ Some people don’t identify as any gender!”

There’s more on this absurdity in the original article…

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