Seven Articles on the 2020 Election and Audits and Related

Pennsylvania Senate Chairman Initiates Forensic Probe of 2020, 2021 Elections ==========AND========== “They Give the Left and the People That Have Done Wrong Political Cover” – Jovan Pulitzer on Politicians […] Read More

New From Sidney Powell and Defending the Republic

Dear Patriots, The email marketing system that we have used for some time to send these emails to supporters from is called MailChimp,a popular email marketing platform.Yesterday, we were informed by MailChimp that […] Read More

A Dozen Articles About the 2020 Election and Fraud and Audits

Understanding The Election Audits and The NEW Gold Standards Set w/ #JovanHuttonPulitzer ==========AND========== Bernard Kerik Uncovers “Much Worse” Reason Dems Fear the Arizona Audit ==========AND========== Decertifying 2020 – Right the […] Read More