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Influential Media Personalities and Links (some of my current favorites):

Larry Elder
Dan Bongino
Glenn Beck
Brandon Tatum
David Icke
Jeffrey Prather
Dennis Prager
Candace Owens
Charlie Kirk
Mark Levin
Judge Jeanine Pirro
Mike Adams
Sidney Powell
Patrick Byrne
AnOmaly (AJF)
David J. Harris Jr.
Sharyl Attkisson
Amazing Polly
Miles Guo
Alex Jones
Steve Bannon
LTG Michael Flynn
L. Lin Wood
Terrence K. Williams
Andrew Klavan
Jovan Pulitzer
Dr. Simone Gold
David Wilcock
James O’Keefe
The Hodge Twins

These are my favorite Bible teachers (plus a couple of Bible websites)…there are so many good ones…these are the ones who taught me:

Chuck Missler
Chuck Missler and
Hal Lindsey
Hal Lindsey
John Hagee
John Hagee
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Kent Hovind
Kent Hovind
Sid Roth
Sid Roth
Amir Tsarfati – Behold Israel
World Video Bible School
Bible Gateway
Grant Jeffrey
Taylor Marshall
Ark of Grace Ministries
Now The End Begins
Tablet Magazine
The Gospel Coalition
Philadelphia Church of God
Hillsdale College – Online Classes

Some news websites…

Reclaim The Net
World News Daily
One America News Network
One America News Network
The Epoch Times
File:Infowars logo.png
The Wolf of Washington
Project Veritas
The Blaze
Revolver News
The Federalist
Children’s Health Defense — RFK Jr.
World News Group
James Dobson
G News
Big League Politics
GAB Social Network
SGT Report
Neon Revolt
The Gateway Pundit
Right Side Broadcasting Network
American Examiner News
Free Man News
Free Man News
Solari Report
National File
Red Pill 78 News
American Thinker
Distributed News
Real News Feed
Live Science
News Wars
No More Fake News
X22 Report
United Patriot News
The Occidental Observer
New York Post
Constitution Soldier
The High Wire
Patriot Edition
Children’s Health Defense
Not Free America
Summit News
American Police News
The National Pulse
Stone Cold Truth
QAgg News
Law Enforcement Today
Town Hall
The Red Elephants
Uncover DC
Press California
Freedom Watch
Creative Destruction Media
First TV
America’s Voice
Awakening Channel
Counter Globalist News
The GOP Times
The Trumpet
Second Amendment Daily
Union Daily Post
State of the Nation
Corruption News
The Right Scoop
Conservative Beaver
We Love Trump
US Liberty News
Liberals Are Nuts
News Coup
100% Fed Up
The Patriot Post
Corsi Nation
Tom Woods Show
PR News Wire
News Target
Tore Says
The Healthy American
Activist Post
Activist Post
Election Evidence Project
Democracy Institute
Daily Truth Report
Just The News
Uncover DC
Vaccine Truth
RT News
Based Media
Noah Report
Before It’s News
The Bias
Freedom Journalist
Pro Trump News
Populist Press
World View Report
NWO Report
Neon Nettle
News Thud
Counter Globalist News
Trial Site News
Real America’s Voice
NOQ Report
The Conservative Treehouse
Liberty Unyielding
America Prime Resources
American Greatness
Kraken-Wood Website
Daily Truth Report
Aim 4 Truth
Steel Truth
ThriveTime – Clay Clark
Nations in Action
Team DML
What Does It Mean
Greg Hunter USA Watchdog
Stop World Control
Bards FM
We Are Change
Court Listener Database
Free Law Project
America’s Front Line Doctors
Sign The Petition
Dianne Marshall
Doug Billings
Wayne Dupree
Justus Knight
Donald Trump Jr.
The New American

Here are the soon-defunct mainstream news media outlets…use at your own risk…

Soon to be defunct: Fox News
Soon to be defunct: NBC News
Soon to be defunct: ABC News
Soon to be defunct: CBS News
Soon to be defunct: CNN News

Uncensored video websites…

Bit Chute
Brand New Tube
Pure Social TV and Network
The Open Video Project

Here are some interesting science sites to check out (more to come):

The Tom Bearden Website
New Atlas
eMedia Press
Tesla Book Company
eMedia Press Blog

And of course, here is the link to both Lifesmith Classic Fractals and to its Hotlinks page:

Lifesmith Classic Fractals
World O’ Websites