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As you can see from its name, I wish to have this as a news and information platform that anyone can use to learn from and speak their mind freely. You do not have to agree with me or anyone else. You do have to be respectful, however. No personal attacks. Let us see how far respectful and intelligent free speech without censorship goes.

I do not expect to save the world. That would be a major area of discussion all by itself.

I am sure most of you know tempers get hot around the topics of religion and politics so please dial it back to a mild roar if any of you wish to debate such issues.

Most of you know I spent forty years as a classroom teacher of mostly science and mathematics. One of the motivations this teacher conveyed within the classroom was to get people to think, to use their minds to learn how to solve problems, not just do them. That is one of my aims here.

On this weblog, I hope to share my fractal art, presenting items from my thirty-plus years of mathematical exploration. I also hope to share links to some interesting pages and personalities. I would like to share my musical exploits as well. Should you wish to see something I do not have here, feel free to email me to include such.

This was my very first post — I am still a noob in WordPress — just to show you that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks!

Once again, thank you dearly for coming!

Jeff Berkeley
Bullhead City, AZ



Find a World of Websites at http://www.lifesmith.com/hotlinks.html

A more comprehensive list of news sources and other links can be found on the Links page.

Here are some of the more important Bible commentators and teachers I have enjoyed:

Chuck Missler and
Hal Lindsey
John Hagee
Jonathan Cahn
Kent Hovind
Sid Roth

Influential Media Personalities and Links (my favorites)…

Larry Elder
Dan Bongino
Mark Levin
Brandon Tatum
David Icke
Jeffrey Prather
Dennis Prager
Candace Owens
Charlie Kirk
Judge Jeanine Pirro
Glenn Beck
Andrew Klavan
David J. Harris Jr.
The Hodge Twins
AnOmaly (AJF)

Some news websites…

Reclaim The Net
The Epoch Times
One America News
The Blaze
The Federalist
The Wolf of Washington
World News Daily

A more comprehensive list of hundreds of news sources and other links can be found on the Links page.

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