Five Articles About Racism and Related

North Carolina County to Discipline, Fire Teachers Who Say America and Founders Are Racist ==========AND========== GoFundMe deletes fundraiser for harassed Arizona State students ==========AND========== NTEB PROPHECY NEWS PODCAST: […] Read More

6th Dozen Articles About The “Virus-Vaccine” Crime of the Century

Chicago: 90 School Bus Drivers Quit – Walk Out Due To Unlawful “Vaccine” Mandates ==========AND========== Fauci bioweapons funding CONFIRMED, smoking gun proves covid vaccines based on govt biowarfare program […] Read More

7th Dozen Articles About The “Virus-Vaccine” Crime of the Century

American Medical Association releases stunning document teaching doctors to LIE to patients while deliberately exaggerating covid death claims… the AMA admits to its own complicity in crimes against humanity […] Read More

1st Set of Ten Articles and Features About Faith and Religion

9/11 and the Day of Atonement ==========AND========== A New Government Is Coming! ==========AND========== Jesus Is Coming Back! ==========AND========== Watch iBible Chapters ==========AND========== The Proud Shall Be Made […] Read More

1st Set of Eight Articles About Education and Childrens’ Issues

Miseducated: The Decline of America’s Schools ==========AND========== NYC Teachers Union to Take Legal Action Against Call for Layoffs of Unvaccinated Staff ==========AND========== Homeless Take Over Elementary School: Parents […] Read More

2nd Set of Eight Articles About Education and Children’s Issues

17 Arrested in Undercover Child Predator Operation, Including 3 Disney Employees ==========AND========== “WE WILL FIND YOU!”: Parents Storm and Overwhelm TN School Board Meeting Over Mask Mandates ==========AND========== The […] Read More