Seven Articles About Crime and Legal Issues

Chris Bedford: Media Are Activists That ‘Want To Destroy Christianity’ While Egging On Church Attacks ==========AND========== Vietnam War vet dies after Chicago carjackers beat him in broad daylight […] Read More

Eight Articles About Education and Childrens’ Issues

Let’s Focus on Classrooms, Not Consultants ==========AND========== US Marshals in Georgia Rescue 16 Children Believed to Be Victims of Sex Trafficking ==========AND========== Parents enraged as Planned Parenthood school […] Read More

Six Articles Regarding Childrens’ Issues

SBC official says increasing scope of sex abuse investigation would be ‘horrific’ ==========AND========== Group of Parents Decided to Get Their Kids’ Masks Tested…You Won’t Believe What They Found on […] Read More

Three Articles Regarding Childrens’ Issues

Eighth-Grade Girl Blasts School Board for Policy That Would Allow ‘Boys Into Girls’ Locker Rooms’ ==========AND========== Science Is On The Side Of Those Resisting Transgender Ideology In Schools […] Read More