More Fun Stuff from The Babylon Bee

Some brilliant satire from these guys…terrific…

LEGO Unveils New Genderless Bricks With No Male/Female Connectors

Laid-Off American Construction Workers Dress Up As Russians In Hopes Of Getting Job On New Russian Pipeline

In Solidarity With Hamas, AOC Straps Some Palestinian Children On To Defend Herself From Attacks

The Babylon Bee Guide To Gen Z Slang

Cutting Out The Middleman: Middle Eastern Countries Will Now Just Lob Giant Sacks Of American Tax Dollars At Each Other

Hasbro Releases New Version Of ‘Operation’ Where Players Just Keep Putting More Masks On The Patient

Conservative Plasters Walls With Posters Of AOC So He Can Constantly Remind Himself How Much He Hates Her

WATCH: White Liberal Shocked As Black Man Acquires ID

Democrats Wearing Binkies To Wean Themselves Off Masks

Israel To Buy Weapons From America With Money Given To Them By America To Shoot Down Iranian Rockets Paid For By America

Luke Skywalker Condemned For Blowing Up Associated Press Office Located On Death Star

Lori Lightfoot Flees In Terror After Thomas Sowell Takes Her Up On Offer For Black People To Interview Her

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