A Few More from The Babylon Bee

Israel To Buy Weapons From America With Money Given To Them By America To Shoot Down Iranian Rockets Paid For By America

Navy Fighters Shoot Down Hostile UFO After It Refuses To Give Its Pronouns

Kids Demand In-Person Learning So They Won’t Have To Keep Explaining Math To Their Parents

Nation Trying To Remember What Happened Around 100 Days Ago When All These Crises Started

Biden: ‘Hamas Is Just An Idea’

Satan Announces Masks Will Still Be Required In Hell

The Bee Explains: What Is Antifa?


Existing, And 6 Other Things You Didn’t Know Were Microaggressions

BLM Sends Rioters To Gaza To Protest Israel By Burning Down Palestinian Businesses

SpaceX Introduces New Reusable Rockets That Israel And Hamas Can Fire Back And Forth

Adam And Eve Kicked Out Of Garden Of Eden For Having Only Two Genders

‘They Won’t Make Fun Of Me Ever Again,’ Says Dr. Fauci While Designing New Virus In His Lab

Reporter Stuck To Biden’s Grill Asks Follow-Up Question

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