2nd Set of Eleven Interviews From American Thought Leaders and Kash’s Corner

Nathan Law: Communist China’s Rise Is ‘Existential Crisis’ for Liberal Democracies https://www.theepochtimes.com/nathan-law-communist-chinas-rise-is-existential-crisis-for-liberal-democracies_4157616.html ==========AND========== Kash’s Corner: Ivermectin Court Battles, Vaccine Mandates, and Omicron https://www.theepochtimes.com/kashs-corner-ivermectin-court-battles-vaccine-mandates-and-omicron_4164424.html ==========AND========== Donald Boudreaux: The Deafening Silence of […] Read More

1st Dozen (of Eleven Dozen) Articles About The “Virus” and the “Vaccine” and Related

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dr. Zelenko to The Gateway Pundit: CDC’s Response to COVID-19 “A Crime Against Humanity. Mass Murder. And Genocide…” ==========AND========== HERE’S WHY MOST OF THE JABBED WILL DIE EARLY […] Read More

2nd Dozen Articles About The “Virus” and the “Vaccine” and Related

Covid Genocide: Dr. Zelenko Slays Globalists With Veritas Bombs https://rumble.com/vrk95h-covid-genocide-dr.-zelenko-slays-globalists-with-veritas-bombs.html ==========AND========== Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves it’s all POLITICAL THEATER run by the pharma cartels https://www.brighteon.com/87f5d080-a569-495e-9aff-9af9da329d45 ==========AND========== Murderous: Smoking Gun Pfizer […] Read More