Next Comes the “National Security” Excuse

by Lex Greene

Soon, it will be proven to every sane person on earth that the 2020 elections were the most unlawful, fraudulent, unconstitutional, and illegitimate elections in 245-years of American history. That proof will come from numerous states, and it will be entirely indisputable. It will be presented to the world media and the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s when things will become really interesting.

Democrats have not only made sure that our country is more divided against itself than any other country on earth…they have trained, armed, funded and protected their citizen army (ANTIFA, BLM, DSAUSA, the DNC News Media, and the New Black Panthers, among others) that spent most of 2020 rioting, looting, and burning cities across the country. They have a majority of black people hating white people without any just cause, especially law enforcement of every color, and they are prepared to light the entire nation on fire if their criminal election is exposed, challenged, decertified, and overturned.

That’s when the term “national security” will be resurrected to stop the 2020 steal from being reversed. This is why our public servants are hiding behind National Guard troops… It’s also why they are now trying to focus the people on the “national security threat” in aliens and UFOs, while they continue to flood our nation with foreign (illegal alien) invaders at our southern border.

It will be known by people all over the world that the communist democrats and their global communist predators rigged the entire 2020 elections, up and down the ballot. Even ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC will be forced to report it, just like they are being forced to report the criminal mass murder agenda of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates in recent days.

But then, for “the sake of national security,” the American people will be told that although it’s all true, and although the evidence is indisputable, it would be a “threat to national security” to make it all right.

Americans have been trained to salute and respect anyone with a military uniform on. But not everyone who ever wore a uniform is a hero or patriot. Some of them have been absolute traitors, especially at the flag officer and Joint Chiefs level. Most Americans have likewise been trained an automatic triggered response to the words “national security.” Most Americans will allow their government to get away with anything, including stolen elections and even mass murder by vaccine, if they are triggered into believing it’s all allowed to happen in the best interest of “national security.”

Who doesn’t care about national security? However, almost every act done by our government in the interest of “national security” is actually the biggest threat to our national security and the American people.

COVID19 was labeled a “threat to national security.” Not getting your fatal vaccine is also being labeled a matter of national security. In fact, now we are told that racism is a matter of national security, by the same racists that have held their jackboot on the necks of black people since the days of slavery, democrats.

So, when the truth about what happened in the 2020 elections is finally made public for the world to see in indisputable form, we will hear the term “national security” again. Sooner or later, people in power over the American people will be forced to admit what happened in the 2020 elections. But don’t expect that to change the fraudulent outcome of those elections, or even make future elections legitimate.

Trump isn’t the only person in the USA that had the election stolen from him. Indeed, there are numerous others across the country, members of Congress, Governors, State Legislators, and critical ballot initiatives.

Once stolen, democrats immediately rushed to institute a full-scale Marxist assault on the USA and every Citizen in it, all of which would be immediately null and void the minute the 2020 elections are decertified, all of them. The nation would indeed be thrown into the deep end of chaos and mass civil unrest, were we to reverse the fraudulent outcome of the 2020 elections and prosecute everyone responsible for the theft of our nation.

Huge international corporations that funded and assisted the theft via new technologies and an army of fraudsters stuffing ballot boxes with fake ballots and promoting a false narrative, would backlash too. Supply shortages will skyrocket, and the stock market will shoot into a tailspin. It may even cause a mass exodus of military personnel, once they know they are being unlawfully ordered to protect a fraudulent anti-American government. It may in fact ignite a near catastrophic event.

That is a true “threat to national security” and the powers that be won’t hesitate for even a second to justify their next actions by telling Americans that this is how it has to be, “in the interest of national security.”

What makes anyone think for even a second that the recent “cyber-attacks” in the USA were committed by anyone other than our own government? Clearly, no one in the world is working harder to gain complete control over the U.S. population than our “new norm” anti-American federal regime, nor using more evil techniques to accomplish it!

Unfortunately, most Americans will react to that public statement from their corrupt government the same way they have reacted to the false information they have swallowed on COVID for well over a year now. They will put on their mask, lock themselves in their homes, sit down and shut up, waiting to see what happens next.

And what happens next, they are not going to like at all… What is already happening in Washington DC and numerous states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, is the greatest threat to our national security in the history of our beloved country.

As of today, no American Citizen knows who or what Barack Hussein Obama really is… but they allowed him to sit in our White House for eight years, bringing our country to the brink of extinction, where we are now. Every thinking American knows that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not really running anything, other than their mouths…and every word is being placed there carefully by someone else. But they are still occupying our White House, illegally.

The next few months will decide whether or not we still have enough Americans to keep this Constitutional Republic or not. The past 16-months are not a good indication of the real American spirit at all.

God help us all!

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