The Worsening War Against White People

To me, wokism is just another name for racism. That is all it is. It it a way to hide their hatred for everything they perceive in their sorely limited, unGodly and unwise understanding of things. Bratty, whiny children, really. And when you add ignorant emotionalism and violence, you get trouble.

By Steven Yates

Let’s just say it. White people (especially conservatives and Christians) are at war with the cult of Woke. They did not start this war. Most seem unaware of it. But they’d better wake up and realize they are in a war that has already killed dozens of white men and women whose fates will not make headlines in a controlled corporate media very much on the Woke cult’s side.

warned 30 years ago that if what was then called political correctness wasn’t opposed, it would spread like a plague until it controlled every major institution in the West.

What even I didn’t grasp was how far it would actually go!

But revolutionism is like that. It sets out to uproot the old completely. It tries to leave no stone unturned.

PC was able to seize the moral high ground. Isn’t “equality” more moral than “inequality”? Aren’t you therefore a bad person (or even evil) if you think “equality” impossible? Conservatives mostly floundered. I don’t think most had any idea what they were up against.

So far, 2021 could turn out to be one of the deadliest years on record. There have been well over a dozen mass shootings. But surely readers have noticed: if the shooter is white, his whiteness is noted up front and center, sometimes in the headline.

If there’s no mention of race/ethnicity, that is because the shooter was not white.

The approved Woke narrative is that angry white men (especially police) are tracking down and shooting unarmed blacks. Or: Blacks. For as you may also have noticed, shortly after the George Floyd riots corporate media began capitalizing the word Black. No one capitalizes white. This speaks volumes.

So: a shooter kills ten people in a Boulder, Colo. supermarket. When something like this happens, at first no one has much information. So the incident makes the national news.

But when the shooter turns out to be a Muslim, the story abruptly falls from the radar. Incidentally, all of Ahmad Allisa’s victims were white.

Just a couple weeks ago there was a mass shooting in Rock Hill, S.C. I have friends there, so I wanted to learn all I could as soon as possible. A prominent doctor and his wife, their two grandchildren, and a fifth person in the wrong place at the wrong time were shot in cold blood. A sixth person was severely injured and remains in intensive care as of this writing.

The shooter (who later killed himself) turned out to be a black jock, formerly of the NFL.


Another case that doesn’t fit the narrative!

Down the Memory Hole!

So you didn’t hear about it on CNN, which trumpets cases that do fit the narrative, such as the Chauvin trial (white cop kills unarmed black man), and, like a hawk, watches two recent incidents: the killing of Daunte Wilson by former officer Kim Potter in a Minneapolis suburb, and last week, the killing of a black 13-year old by a white officer in Chicago which now has that city on edge.

What you won’t hear on CNN, or on MSNBC; or read about in The New York Times or The Washington Post, is that 33 white people (women as well as men) were murdered by blacks during March alone!

Ashli Babbitt, who was white and unarmed, was shot in cold blood on January 6 by Capitol cop we have good reason to believe is black, who remains unidentified, and will not face any charges. (Me: His name is Byrd, and he is black.)

Tucker Carlson is now one of the few remaining voices of sanity who still has a job in corporate media (his show is one of the most popular on Fox News). I often wonder how long this will last.

Recently he accused Democrats of using immigration as a “path to power” for themselves. He was accused of defending “replacement theory.” (This interview appears to have been what triggered the fracas.) “Replacement theory” seems to be the idea that an effort is underway to undercut a predominantly white population with unlimited nonwhite immigration, diluting white votes.

Carlson is one of the few voices defending the interests of American white people, especially conservatives. If you do this in Woke America, you’re a racist, or a white supremacist. That’s part of the approved narrative. (Example.)

What antiwhite racists condemn as “replacement theory” has actually been going on for quite some time. It makes perfect sense if you have a power analysis of the past 50 years. Democrats want votes that will give them a permanent lock on political power. Corporations want cheap labor. This explains why so many of the latter have tilted left over the past 30 years.

On April 16, CNN’s Chris Cuomo — master of the self-righteous sneer — laid into Carlson with that old saw about America being a “nation of immigrants.”

America was founded by colonists, not immigrantsColonists from Great Britain established a republic based on a unique and distinctive political philosophy. Immigrants came later and were expected to embrace this philosophy and the culture that had developed around it (which included learning English). For decades, this worked splendidly. It worked because the bulk of immigration was from Europe — from places holding most of the same values Americans espoused.

Liberals believed they could fix what wasn’t broken. So Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1965. LBJ signed it into law. This opened the doors to non-Europeans, and to peoples many of whose backgrounds and values were incongruent with those of most Americans. The doors became floodgates, and by the 1990s, many immigrant populations were fundamentally inassimilable. They began to congregate in their own enclaves, mostly in big cities, not learning English. The standard of living dropped precipitously in these places (e.g., California). Through sheer numbers, they began to influence local politics. Local became state; state is becoming national.

Now, several offspring of cultures fundamentally alien to Anglo-European civilization sit in Congress. They call themselves “the Squad.”

Mainstream leftists like Cuomo wax hysterical over the “white supremacy” of a caucus the few remaining conservatives in Congress were considering forming, the America First Caucus to promote Anglo-Saxon political values.

So powerful are Woke voices like Cuomo’s that the idea was scrapped less than 24 hours after it was floated.

Whites are now the only people in America with no right to preserve, much less promote, their history and heritage.

We should remind today’s Woke-controlled mainstream that not only such notions as free speech, freedom of religion, of assembly, and so on, but concepts of due process and innocence until proven guilty in a court of law all originated in Anglo-Saxon thought. Their roots go back to documents such as the Magna Carta of 1215. They did not originate in the third world.

This is what Wokesters wish to cancel, and why they are so filled with hate even as they condemn white conservatives as haters. Psychologists have a concept called projection. One’s own worst and most hated traits are projected onto the other. That is what we are seeing here.

Tucker Carlson came under attack from the powerful Anti-Defamation League which has called for his cancellation. Carlson has stood his ground. To their credit (so far, again as of this writing) Fox News backs him.

Should he be forced from the airwaves, will whites find another voice as visible and articulate as his?

Incidentally, the location of Carlson’s home is a well-guarded secret, because of death threats and fears for his family’s safety. That’s Woke America.

What is clear — especially with the Bidenistas now calling the shots in the District of Corruption — is that the war on whites is escalating.

All that it will accomplish, other than promoting needless bloodshed, is transform our present Age of Decadence into an Age of Collapse.

Arguably, big cities are already collapsing as their productive citizens flee. Black radicals and other leftists are holding Minneapolis essentially hostage. Police are quitting out of despair and fear for their families’ safety. I don’t think evidence will matter in the Chauvin trial. Members of the jury know that if they acquit, they will face threats, their families face threats, their homes could be discovered and burned down.

What is being replaced is not just a people, but an entire worldview and way of life, one based not just on free speech and due process, but on ideals of achievement and success gained through work. Most Wokesters, a lot of whom are white products of today’s public schools and major universities, are incapable of hard work. Their worldview is steeped in Critical Race Theory. CRT is an ideology based on hate. What it comes down to: all whites are inherently racists with “privilege” who should be shamed and demoralized, allowing for the cancelation of their rights as persons, their history, their influence, their faith, and their value systems. Majority-white Western civilization is permeated with “systemic racism” that can only be uprooted through a complete transformation (revolutionism again).

Back in the 1990s when I first started writing about these topics, the cultural left controlled academia and had gotten its claws into mainstream media, the entertainment world, and the judicial system. Now it controls not just academia, corporate media, Hollywood, and the judicial system, but upper echelons of the military, Big Tech, Big Business generally, even scientific and medical research!

If you doubt that the Woke cult has its teeth into basic biology and medicine, consider the “trans” phenomenon, and the fact that scientists have been called out for saying that normally there are two and only two sexes. The Bidenistas, claiming themselves to be “following the science” where Covid-19(84) is concerned, openly promote “trans” rubbish which is now filtering into grade schools.

To their credit, some states are moving against CRT and “trans” rubbish. Will they have the stones to stand up to the District of Corruption and media hostility, including defying Bidenista executive orders if it comes to that?

America now has the most antiwhite, antimale, and antistraight White House in its history. Things are likely to get worse. When Sleepy Joe’s dementia forces him from office (hopefully before he blunders his way into a war with Russia), Kamala Harris will be president.

I have trouble imagining the catastrophe that will be!!

So far, news of mass shootings of whites are kept subdued by the corporate media machine. If a Harris presidency brings the Woke cult’s war against white people completely out of the closet, it would not surprise me. The question is, are whites going to prepare? Are they going to take this seriously, or just assume “that’ll never happen to me” or “Yates is just being paranoid!”

You better hope so! Believe me, I would rather be wrong about all this!

All I can recommend are things I’ve said before: get out of big cities; separate where possible and practical; homeschool your kidsdo not give up your guns!

Above all, be sure you are right with God. Recognizing that Jesus Christ (not Science, not Politics) is the sole path to salvation (John 14:6). This is independent of race/ethnicity! The Anglo-European West succeeded not because of “whiteness” but because of the real (not political) correctness of its worldview in grasping how reality works and the Providential God behind it.

I mention this last in case anyone has the impression that I defend “whiteness,” or white conservatives, without qualification. I do not. I’ve also written at length: one of the main reasons we’re in this mess is because a majority-white population all but abandoned the worldview that build the West: educationally, intellectually, morally, and above all, spiritually. The Woke cult is filled with white people with leftist beliefs, after all. All it has done is fill a vacuum. Antifa is mostly white. Black Lives Matter has huge numbers of supporters (and corporate donors!) who are white.

In the final analysis this is not about race but worldview. As the saying goes, when people stop believing in God, the problem is not that they believe in nothing but that they will believe in anything. Relatedly, the GOP filled up with “conservatives” who haven’t the slightest idea what they want to conserve. This has been true for at least 30 years. It explains why they’ve been helpless against the leftist onslaught, and why many Republicans no less than Democrats react with horror at the very idea of caucus to defend and promote Anglo-Saxon values.

Unless the worldview and values that build Western civilization are somehow recovered, the West will pass into history as another failed empire. Many of you reading this will live to see it happen.

Steven Yates’s latest book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory will be published this year by Wipf and Stock.

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