American Thought Leaders — Over Twenty Terrific Interviews

American Thought Leaders — A Dozen Terrific Interviews

KT McFarland: Putin Aims to ‘Rebuild Greater Mother Russia’; Ronald Reagan’s Playbook to Counter Russian Aggression | CPAC 2022 ==========AND========== Grant Newsham: Beijing ‘Taking Notes’ on Russia-Ukraine War As […] Read More

Five Prager U Videos

Why You Should Care About Passover ==========AND========== I Am the Lord Your God ==========AND========== When Big Business Went Woke ==========AND========== Homelessness: The Reality and the Solution […] Read More

Ten Articles About Education and Related

Dennis Prager: Children Are Being Sacrificed on the Altar of Safety ==========AND========== Chicago Private School Injected Race Into Physics Class, Then Tracked Whether The Indoctrination Worked ==========AND========== SHOCKING: […] Read More

Seventeen Articles About Your Rights, Censorship, Wokism, Racism and the Media

Stand Your Ground laws are not a license to kill and don’t make murder legal ==========AND========== LEFT ON VERGE OF HUGE ANTI-FIRST AMENDMENT VICTORY—Unless SCOTUS Takes Up VDARE Vs. […] Read More

Ten More Great Interviews from American Thought Leaders and Kash’s Corner

Larry Kudlow: How the US Could Gut Russia’s War Chest | CPAC 2022 ==========AND========== Epstein Survivor Teresa Helm Tells Her Story, How Grooming Works, and How She’s Fighting Back […] Read More

Four Articles About Business and the Economy

Black Rock CEO…No Place For ‘Woke’ In Business! ==========AND========== WHAT EMPLOYEES OF THIS GROCERY STORE CHAIN CONFESSED IS BONE CHILLING… ==========AND========== Rancher Exposes Biden: POTUS Is the One […] Read More