There’s a Massive Epidemic of Race Baiting and Beatings that Is Being Ignored by the Liberal Media — Here’s the List!

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By Larry Johnson

If you are a genuine patriot–i.e., someone who loves the American Republic and the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness–then I suspect you are not only heartsick over the insanity being embraced by much of the media and corporate America but profoundly pissed off at being labeled a racist.

The media and the political elites are working overtime to push the lie that Trump supporters are racist insurrectionists who hate Blacks and Asians. But facts have a funny way of gumming up their propaganda campaign. Let’s review some of those facts:

A Nation of Islam Adherent, Not Trump Supporters, Murdered a Capitol Hill police officer:

How do you like these apples? Nation of Islam fanatic, Noah Greene, killed a Capitol Hill police officer while more than 10,000 Trump supporters simply stormed the Capitol. Trump supporters did not kill or attack Capitol Hill police officer, Brian Sicknick.

Young black males, not White Trump Supporters, are attacking Asians:

TRENDING: WATCH: Alex Jones Physically Stops Vehicle After Witnessing Migrant Children Being Stuffed in the Luggage Compartment

This list on this is ugly, long and growing.

Jim Hoft’s story from this morning, which focuses on New York City, is just the tip of the iceberg of hate.

  • Suspect 1: This suspect started screaming anti-Asian slurs at an Asian woman and her three children on the downtown 5 train.
  • Suspect 2: This suspect pushed an Asian male on Lennox Avenue in Manhattan and made anti-Asian statements & punched him in the face.
  • Suspect 3: The individual was wanted for the vicious assault of a 65 year-old Asian female, at 360 West 43rd St. He was later arrested and charged with Felony Assault as a Hate Crime.
  • Suspect 4: This violent perpetrator assaulted a male victim on the J train. He beat him in the face and choked him unconscious.

San Francisco:

After a year of mostly staying inside his Vallejo home to avoid catching the coronavirus, 59-year-old Danilo Yuchang resolved that he needed to get out more. . . .The Filipino Chinese man was walking on Market Street, headed back to the office from his lunch break after picking up siomai at a Chinatown restaurant, when somebody shoved him from behind, knocking him to the ground. Yuchang lost consciousness as the person struck him repeatedly, breaking bones in his face and bruising his eyes until they were almost swollen shut.

In the past week, police have arrested several suspects linked to recent attacks, including Jorge Devis-Milton, 32, who they allege beat up Yuchang and another man Monday afternoon.


An Asian gas station owner is speaking out after an explosive, racially-charged confrontation at his store in Oakland.

In the video you can hear the man say behind his mask as he’s looking directly into Cwell’s camera “…go to China! F**k you man! You have a small d**k!”

Cwell can be heard laughing and the man continues on.

“Go f**k your mama! Go f**k you mama! You’re not from here! You’re Asian! Small d**k! Small d**k!”

Chinatown, San Francisco:

Tacoma, Washington:

Washington, DC:

Tampa Bay, Florida:

Tampa Bay Buccaneer football player, Carlton Davis, is on the hotseat for his tweet of a anti-Asian slur: “Gotta stop letting g–ks in Miami,” a derogatory term often used towards those of Asian descent – specifically Vietnamese, Filipino and Korean people.

Carlton Davis 2018 NFL Draft Profile - ESPN

Getting the picture. These are not Caucasian Trump supporters carrying out these attacks, both physical and verbal. They are predominantly African American. And the media is virtually silent on the race factor. Let me add–it is not fair to blame all African Americans for the actions of stupid, hateful teenagers and young adults. Just as it is not fair to blame all white Americans as inherent racists.

But Corporate America is trying to pile on and the Caucasian majority is starting to push back. Major League Baseball Commissioner, Robert Manfred, made a big show of ignorantly condemning Georgia’s new law to reform how elections are conducted in the state. Manfred stupidly claimed that the new law was racist. Funny thing–Manfred is a member of the Augusta Country Club, which hosts the Masters every year. Republicans smartly are not letting him get away with this:

Republicans are pushing back on ‘woke’ Coca-Cola and Major League Baseball, businesses that have agreed with Democrats and objected to Georgia’s new voting law.

Sen. Marco Rubio wrote a letter Monday to MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred telling him he should give up his Augusta golf club membership since he also decided to pull the All-Star Game from Atlanta. ‘As you are well aware, the exclusive members-only club is located in the State of Georgia,’ Rubio remarked.

Additionally, eight members of Georgia’s House of Representatives wrote to Coca-Cola and told the company that they no longer wanted free Coke products for their offices and asked the Atlanta-based soda giant to remove their remaining pop ‘immediately.’

Patriots demand that the Government and corporations play fair. Don’t treat people differently because of the color of their skin. Don’t discriminate against people because they are poor or not connected to politically powerful people. That is how narco-states south of our border behave.

The outrageous behavior of the Department of Justice and the FBI is tearing at the very fabric that has united this country through past trials.

I do not know if it is too late to salvage our Republic, but we must stand firm in demanding “liberty and justice for all.” Not just a select few–ALL!

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