Lots of Great Stuff from Sidney Powell and Defending the Republic

Dear Patriots, If you do not yet have a GETTR account, now is the time to sign up and follow Sidney Powell on GETTR. Sidney is accumulating and posting links to the […] Read More

Questions to Determine Whether a Friend or Relative Is a Liberal or a Leftist

Here’s a little “fun.” So many folks have forgotten the difference between a rational liberal and a screwball leftist. Maybe this can help. https://townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/2021/03/02/questions-to-determine-whether-a-friend-or-relative-is-a-liberal-or-a-leftist-n2585549 By Dennis Prager for Townhall The […] Read More

Fighting Racism — Two Stories

https://www.theintell.com/story/opinion/columns/more-voices/2020/07/22/guest-opinion-fight-racism-with-individualism-capitalism-limited-government/42040571/ Guest Opinion: Fight racism with individualism, capitalism, limited government Gregory Manco for The Intelligencer To paraphrase economist Thomas Sowell: things a liberal would have said years ago could get […] Read More