Pregnant Single Mom Enters Open Door At Capitol, Now Facing 30 Year Prison Term – Exclusive Interview

What insanity is this?? A murderer des not even get charged and this lady faces thirty years? WTF is going on?


Felicia Konold, a pregnant single mother from Arizona, was raided by the FBI a month after the Capitol riot and now faces over thirty years in prison for entering an open door of “The People’s House.”

In a report by Cassandra Fairbanks of The Gateway Pundit, Konold told her side of the story. Konold was on a national road trip celebrating being alive after a bad accident when she heard that President Trump was speaking at a rally in DC.  Her and her siblings decided to add DC as a stop on their trip to hear him speak.  Konold had never been to a rally before and didn’t know what to expect.

Konold says she didn’t realize the rally was a protest when she followed a crowd of other Trump supporters to the Capitol.  The door to the building was open and police appeared to be allowing people to enter, so she went in.  Konold says she was kind and friendly to police and left quickly when she realized people were not supposed to be inside the ‘People’s House.’

When arrests of rioters began, Konold did not even consider she was in trouble, as she did no harm.  She assumed those being arrested had caused damage or were involved in violence.

A month after the Capitol riot, the FBI arrived at her home and detained her at gunpoint while in bed.  Her home was raided and a two page list of ‘evidence’ was seized.

Four-month pregnant Konold was detained for a week. Upon her release, she discovered all of her social media accounts had been removed. In addition to her losing access to social media to defend herself, she was placed on house arrest and cannot leave to earn an income. Konold wears an ankle monitor, and even worse, is now receiving hate letters in the mail.

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