Three Articles About January 6

Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol ==========AND========== New January 6th Footage Appears to Show Police […] Read More

Thirteen Articles About Racism, CRT, wokism, riots, BLM and Antifa

9-Year-Old Girl Hammers School Board For Violating ‘No Politics’ Policy By Allowing BLM Posters ==========AND========== Australian Senate Bans Marxist Critical Race Theory from Aussie Classrooms ==========AND========== Thomas Sowell on […] Read More

STUNNING: FBI Goes After Grandma Who Walked Through US Capitol on Jan. 6 — Ignores Hunter’s Crimes, Kerry’s Treason, Mass Shooter Warnings and Antifa-BLM Terrorism

Your Gestapo at work. The FBI has become evil. By Jim Hoft You just can’t make this up!The Chris Wray FBI is now looking for a Trump-supporting grandma who walked […] Read More

30-Yr-Navy Chaplain Veteran Targeted AGAIN By TSA After Standing On Steps Of Capitol and Voluntarily Speaking to FBI, Telling Them He Saw Antifa Breaking Windows [VIDEO]

More effing insanity…Read the headline again. By Patty McMurray Ever since US Veteran Pressley Stutts voluntarily agreed to speak with FBI agents about standing on the steps of the Capitol building on January […] Read More

Pregnant Single Mom Enters Open Door At Capitol, Now Facing 30 Year Prison Term – Exclusive Interview

What insanity is this?? A murderer des not even get charged and this lady faces thirty years? WTF is going on? BY RAY DIETRICH Felicia Konold, a pregnant single mother […] Read More