STUNNING: FBI Goes After Grandma Who Walked Through US Capitol on Jan. 6 — Ignores Hunter’s Crimes, Kerry’s Treason, Mass Shooter Warnings and Antifa-BLM Terrorism

Your Gestapo at work. The FBI has become evil.

By Jim Hoft

You just can’t make this up!
The Chris Wray FBI is now looking for a Trump-supporting grandma who walked through the US Capitol on January 6th.
They want to lock her up and ruin her life.

It should be clear to everyone right now that the FBI is the enemy of the people.

This is the same Chris Wray FBI that ignores warnings about mass shooters, ignored Hunter Biden’s numerous criminal actions that were documented on his laptop that they tried to hide from the American public, John Kerry’s treasonous acts with Iran, or the billions of dollars of damage caused by organized BLM-antifa terrorists.

But they go after grandma!

Catturd2 has it right.

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