Tennessee Becomes Third State Requiring Student Athletes to Compete Based on Biological Sex

Now there are three common-sense states in the Union, forty-seven to go…what a no-brainer this is…

The state’s Republican Governor Bill Lee signed the legislation into law on Friday, joining Mississippi and Arkansas in protecting girl’s sports.

Naturally, the bill sparked outrage from the left who claim that the law is discriminatory. The ACLU has already threatened lawsuits if the law is enforced.

“Governor Lee’s rush to discriminate against transgender children is appalling. Transgender people have the right to participate in sports consistent with who they are, just like everyone else. Denying this right is pure discrimination,” the ACLU stated. “Should any student be excluded because of this shameful legislation, we will see him in court.”

At least 21 states are seeking to protect girls sports, however, as it has been repeatedly proven that the biological differences between the two genders create an unfair playing field. These states are seeking to protect their students after Joe Biden pushed through an executive order saying transgender students must be allowed to play on whatever team they want — unless a state law contradicts it.

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