You Shouldn’t Eat Glue (dedicated to Kelly Mangum)

Everyone knows you shouldn’t eat glue
And you’d better be ready when payment is due
Gotta wash your hands of blood before every meal
And count all your blessings upon making appeals
Don’t argue with elders or idiots indeed
They’ll take you for more or less than your breed
Train yourself to say thank you and please
Be grateful for enjoying the birds and the bees.

Don’t touch a thing if it isn’t yours
Be nice to folks and they’ll open doors
Put your toys away when you finish playing
Don’t leave loose ends when wearily praying
Be prompt and ready when the daylight comes
Always take care of your teeth and guns
Eat all your food, don’t waste a thing
Be not surprised what the waiter brings.

Most all you needed to know you learned as a kid
But school forced much more upon you
Arguably they have wasted all of your time
Spewing propaganda you believed was true.

So dance about freely as if no one can see you
Laugh ever deeply at past dangers in rear view
Share your potato chips when they’re down
Smile on the inside though your inside’s a frown
So be at your best in all that you do
Carefully plan but be spontaneous too
Have an open mind but stick to your guns
Be seriously involved but always have fun.

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