Every Moment

Every moment is a crossroads in life, a decision, a way taken
Every door is an opportunity, a locked one, a way forsaken
Every line in the play’s a choice, a real-time scene to behold
Every dream’s dance a fantasy new, connections to unfold.

Every word you speak of a friend, a bond not easily broken
Every turn you take on your way, mind’s subway’s lost token
Every promise given one beyond, takes one away from another
Every cross word wrinkles the fabric, ironed out by mother.

Our life’s the result of our choices and decisions
Our blatant rejections and careful incisions
Do we turn left or do we turn right?
Get a good night’s sleep or stay up all night?

Can we plan it all out and will it be right?
Have we wisdom to predict every plight?
Is there a best choice as we stumble thru days?
Understandably we go on, improving our ways.

There’s lots to be said for being spontaneous and free
The wind carries you blithely like a leaf from a tree
But that’s a decision like any other for sure
Choices made for you, you’ll have to endure.

So have we free will, is our destiny in stone?
Can we cast away sins, in sincerity atone?
We know there’s no takebacks, no Mulligans alas
Stuck with our choices yet fashioned in glass.

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