We are Vibrating

If you get to walk on the Earth again,
It won’t be this Earth, no, not this Earth
If you see the light that lightens you,
It won’t be this light, no, or that one
When you dream the dream forever living,
It won’t be this life, no, not this life.

A shift in vibration is upon us
As we waver so quickly in time
Buzzing about on an ether of chaos
Consider all integration sublime.

If you ever see two people happy,
It won’t be those two, no, not those two
If you wish to smell the perfect rose
It won’t be this garden, no, not this one.
You know one day you’ll have it all,
But it won’t be this day, no, not today.

Cause all we are is a vibration collection
In a turbulent sea of sub-space
And better believe that we are all equal
To your Creator’s shining face.

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