Men in Black Conspire Against Me

Men in black conspire against me
The blacker in men, sinister tyranny
Dare I speak my mind ablaze in glory
Or cower in shadows, a humbled story.

But I believe in the Light, it’s right
Men will die, should live on past might
Not in its way, but stand in the light
Doomsayers may win a round, but we take the fight.

The scheme as they breed, sacking display
Hiding their darkness in silver and grey
Do I rage enough for sin, develop death’s ray
Or withdraw within headphones and just walk away.

So just be straight with me, and know I will be too
We’ll be princes again in Earthen rainbow hue
Playing potent flutes past loamy forests and true
Thinking, getting wiser despite a punch or two.

Darkened stories radiate death, arresting at a rate
Promising retribution, tailing wolf at your gate
He’s iron and steel and oil, his might is great
Can we afford to stand here stupid, reprobate?

So harmonize in work, word and deed
Restore ultimate values, the ones we feed
Our children in deepest night yet brightest speed
Learn to govern ourselves wisely indeed.

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