Driving Me Crazy

Jeanie’s in the fast lane, a phone to her ear
Slavering drivel to some half-wit casual dear
Bennie thinks he’s talented, the sticker says “No Fear,”
Ignorant of consequences, his conscience transparent clear.
Jackson doesn’t signal, let guessing be your bane
Has no idea where he’s going, and rants you’re white, insane
Bushie’s made his from oil, your every mile is his gain
Lying is a way of life, a predilection profane.

We’re all driving down the same road
Some with light hearts, some with a load
Some will take windy turns, and some go straight
Some will get there on time, some will be late.

Beulah creeps along oblivious to all those around
Petulant, fat and lazy, cranking out a primitive sound
Pedro’s half-drunk and sleepy, looking for a punk to proud
Multiplying peasant ills, overcrowding what he’s found.
Willie’s blowing smoke out his rear, too poor to afford more
Getting high is a temporary exit, a simple chemical door
Johnny races by impervious, by his side some trashy whore
Ill-gained Escalade ride, primal id satisfied core.

So the human race rolls free down the way
Clattering and classless, making everyone pay
Three hundred million Americans racing to nowhere
Self-absorbed and brainless, taking so little care.

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