Diploma Mill

What can you show and teach me that’s worth my forty grand?
Will I split the mind of the atom or make a jump jet land?
Can I heal the sick by the careful, play violin in an expert band?
You just want my money and call it business out of hand.

Will I learn to analyze the naked heart, the mind, the ever-soul?
Survive a mortal voyage ’round a fiery sphere from pole to pole?
Can I breed effectively the flora, salmon, or the off-breed foal?
Naw, you’ll just suck back energy and fall deeper in your hole.

All your offer is opinion, but you’re no smarter than I
You’ll slaver on statistics but we all know that they lie.
The Emperor’s Clothes, a worried nose, the asymptotic die.
I’ll walk away, and find a way, to avoid the blustering sty.

So what could you tell me so important to let my children need?
Will I be an airborne telepath applying directly to a planet seed?
Teach me to induce all wisdom and to brew a therapeutic mead,
Don’t come by so haughty, you’re merely lefties in abject greed.

Do you have at your school, Ones by the Rule, Ones way wiser than me?
Ones who inspire, by thought-filled desire and more moral gallantry?
I’d be there tomorrow and mothball my sorrow, a grasshopper next to a tree,
I’m here to be taken, not to be shaken, up to promote life’s profundity.

I have no faith in the rest of Man, the rare are sadly that
Seeds are eaten by the dove which gets eaten by the cat
Capital is counter to educating the Earth which still lies flat
Promises ring so empty for the Republican Democrat.

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