I Don’t Believe a Single Word You Say

I don’t believe a single word you say
The nasty way you work always makes us pay
Whether you’re a president, pauper or a priest
The more power you have those I believe least.

There’s an agenda on tap and pours out cold
The bigger the lie, the pronouncement more bold
Repeated over and over with a confident air
The Emperor’s New Clothes shall not be laid bare.
I see thru your lies like water down my drain
Your motivation is self-centered, blatant and clear.

In the name of whatever idol you choose that day
You pontificate truth to keep the light at bay.
Taking credit for the revelations brought back in ’76
Courting the church and the media, all lay on tricks
The banksters bungle in their corporate jungle lair
Pulling strings for a laugh on a billionaire’s dare.

Partisan I’m not, so don’t get me wrong
The smell of politics is far too strong
So many without any real talent at all
Stepped in it then and step thru it all
So many little-boy problems fester of age
Manifest as self-important frustrated rage.

So everything you say drifts on as hot air
With as much credence as you really care
The gullible fawn, the hangers-on wannabe
My stomach has turned, callous idolatry.

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