Proclamation: The Open Contact Law

We, the human nations of the land continents of Earth, given dominion over its protection
and welfare, do hereby invite and welcome open contact with any extraterrestrial
civilizations with peaceful intentions for a sharing of culture, philosophy, and technology.

In mutual respect, we invite you to learn from us what will benefit you, and request in turn,
that you teach us those things which will benefit us. Furthermore, we believe that our
interaction will serve our civilizations in ways we have not even considered, making such interactions all the more valuable to both civilizations.

We understand that your civilization respects our civilization and thereby does not wish to
interfere uninvited and we hope that this document presents you with the opportunity to
interact with us both officially, that is, en masse, and individually, for personal interaction.

We wish to some day join the brotherhood of worlds, the association of worlds, as an equal
member, and we hope, by our invitation, your civilizations will help our civilization
make this a reality for us.

Direct interaction with extraterrestrial civilizations will, by its nature, help the nations of
Earth join closer, as united nations of planet Earth, and will accelerate the rate at which we
will finally achieve a permanent peace, thus leading to an accelerated evolution in our
world consciousness. We thank you for contributing to our growth in such a way.

We wish to share the beauty of our world with you. We wish to share its resources too, and
hope that a helpful exchange of resources will follow an extended peaceful dialogue
between our civilizations.

We also invite all of the people in all of the land nations of planet Earth, for whom we speak,
to peacefully interact with any extraterrestrial beings of like mind without any fear of
retaliation from any government agency. Thus no fine, no quarantine, no untoward
questioning or detainment shall be imposed on anyone having such a peaceful interaction with any extraterrestrial entity.

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