Of all the things that no one can take but I can readily give
My trust is golden to the touch, it’s reality where I live
Bestow it upon you at first I do, maybe naively so
In my heart of humanitarian right, it’s important to let you know.

I care because I care, and I dare because I see no other way
Think on it carefully with soul depth and heart lest you dimly betray
And cause pain and karmic indebtedness, not even being aware
Of damage to the natural fabric of love when this universe is all but laid bare.

There are those who carry a sorrowful burden, a nagging fear of trust
So afraid of being hurt, slings and arrows all, and so alone become dust
For me the inevitable pain of betrayal is but a petty price in the larger scheme
To be involved up to my brain, with all my heart, seeking a passionate team.

Now go beyond the personal, past whatever group you feel today most aligned
And more than imagine that reality appears to you the way your trust assigned
That creation’s beauty, the non-temporal flow, streams from your unconscious knowing
The teacher’s presumption, an expression to grow, sated yet nothing is owing.

Trust goes beyond faith as knowing passes hope and relates to all we are
Its unavoidable in the present, inseparable in deed, as clear as the morning star
Every excited moment we define, in unbeknownst design, the universe is truly just
No need for minute control of the steering wheel, for all we need is trust.

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