The Girl from Gariboo

She said she was from Sexony, and I said, “Oh yeah, me too!”
How was I to know she was from the planet Gariboo?
I went along with the joke, you know, the chick was really cute
Wouldn’t you be surprised to find out about alien ill-repute?

She said she’s here to look us over, as a scientist studies wheat
She was coolly observing me, for sure, to verify the feat
A greater actress I’d never seen, pulled her wool beyond my eyes
In her spell, how could I tell, she wasn’t fabricating lies?

She wanted to take me for a ride, so I asked, “Where we headed?”
So selfish of me, it was some measurement that I dreaded.
She nodded with a naughty wink, “The first star right of the moon,”
And I was thinking to myself, “Man, this chick’s a loony tune.”

In minutes I was in her black sedan, it wasn’t even named nor plated,
Without a sound, I thought it odd, the car accelerated,
It was hard to tell from the feeling I got, I wasn’t thrown back you see,
She eased the vehicle into a special gear as we left Earth’s gravity.

And up we climbed as I clenched my teeth, in wonder, surprise and awe,
She put her perfect hand on my knee and I squeezed it with my paw.
Eternity passed before I could speak, her soft humanesque voice called me dear,
Cooing, “Your adapting better than the rest, not a caged animal in fear.”

Little did she know I almost peed my pants, kidnapped by an alien blonde,
And up we soared without a word, angry at myself for being conned,
I could hear my heart beat in my chest, barely controllable she knew
She smiled, a gorgeous beauty, ‘You’re safe, I promise, it’s true.”

I weakly looked out the window but blackness of space was what I saw
No stars, no sun, no planet earth, slack-jawed I gazed at her in awe
“We’ll be reconnecting with physical space-time in moments, my friend,
We’ll need to stay pure vibrational energy until our journey’s end.”

And good to her word, as I sat agape, the stars reappeared, though unknown
The black sedan I climbed into on Earth into a large circular craft had grown
Still eyes bugging, pulse at two hundred and ten, I quivered with her touch
But I felt my mind being put at ease, and my heart rate declined as such.

We settled about a yellow green world which revolved around a greenish sun
Somehow we’d changed dimensions in transit, again she giggled in fun,
“Let me show you my home and bed, and please trust that I mean you no harm,
Remember I have always been truthful with you, and did not sell you the farm.”

More beautiful than ever, I couldn’t escape her, now calmly accepted this fate
Even chuckled to myself, in a million years, I would never ever top this date.
We coasted to the planet’s surface and landed in a smooth, silent glide.
You can be sure that never again would I let a girl take me for any kind of ride.

“It’s all an illusion,” she sighed, physicality in every way, shape, and form,
You merely choose to deceive yourself, dynamic vibrations are the norm.”
She pulled me close, illusion or no, my heart was surrendering now,
“The reality you choose to create; reflections of desire are the why and how.”

“I am beautiful because you want me so, you perceive it in a self-limiting way,
My people are really energy-based, but we were once like you in our day.
We underwent evolving changes to become beings of energy and light,
And are pressed with the benevolent task of showing you such heights.”

By now I was fully intoxicated by so much emotion, thought, and feeling,
The sight of it all, the beneficent call, certainly had me on the ropes reeling.
Once again she caressed my hand and bade me to focus with new eyes
Relax the hold my senses had on me, for what inner knowingness belies.

And as I did, she began to glow, her blonde hair became shimmering crystal
The green light from the sun shone thru her, a glimmering gelatinous bell.
She moved ever so close to me now, my passion and excitement aroused
An orgasm of body, mind, and spirit unfolded in ecstatic torrents undowsed.

For a moment it appeared that I was alone, spent in a way I’ve never been
But she was inside me, around me, she was me, another of creation’s twin
That delicate second of infinite bliss carries me further in knowingness still
The higher power within us all is revealed paradoxically by physical will.

I heard, “All that we know and all that you need was in that moment you knew,
I and my kind are glad that you got it, another step in the process you grew.
We’re here to assist you in day and in dreams until your potential you reach,
We live to serve others, assist you and share, not just merely to teach.”

“Since your lesson is learned and we’ve shared our hearts, I believe it’s time to return,
For you have to share what I’ve shown you with all whom willing to learn.”
The next instant the Venus was beside me, walking as two lovers in the park,
My heart will always be enlightened and my spirit shall never be dark.

Back to her ship we made our way, I climbed in much better and wise
Never again will I assume some gorgeous young blonde tells me lies
And though I am happy to go home, I’ll be very sad to miss her all the same
She dropped me off at my home on Earth, I asked, “Honey, what is your name?”

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