3rd Set of Ten Articles and Features About Faith and Religion

God’s Feast of Tabernacles in History https://pcg.church/articles/6510/god-s-feast-of-tabernacles-in-history ==========AND========== The Modern King Jeroboam II https://www.thetrumpet.com/24401-the-modern-king-jeroboam-ii ==========AND========== Pastor Greg Locke Tells WILD Story: “We were right about everything!” ==========AND========== Islam and Suicide […] Read More

Three Articles Regarding Religion and Religious Freedom

Interview with Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski https://tv.gab.com/channel/sarahcorriher/view/interview-with-pastor-artur-pawlowski-60a30edbf55ba8a1517519c5 ========== AND ========== At least 10 Muslim countries are still executing people for leaving Islam, the religion of peace http://www.thepolitics.online/2020/08/at-least-10-muslim-countries-are-still.html ========== AND ========== […] Read More

French Retired Generals Threaten Military Coup to Deal With Islamism — Two Articles

France is closer to civil war than even we are…the old guard will not stand for the evils of radical Islam…frankly neither should we… https://www.thetrumpet.com/23933-french-retired-generals-threaten-military-coup-to-deal-with-islamism Pushed by radical Islamists—France resurrects […] Read More