You Think Islamists Wish to Co-exist With You?

Here’s what radical Islamists really think of you lefties…

“I saw them as very stupid. I would fear the conservatives. I would fear them because they come with principle— that’s not someone they can brainwash. But the left, I know they have no values and no principles to begin with. And they will fall in the track that I set for them. I dare you to find one Islamic extremist that votes for Donald Trump. Never do it. They’d give their vote to the leftist who wants to run around in pride parades. Islamic extremists are against gays and homosexuals and transgenders, but they want the left to go and get busy with that. They want them— go, go, go speak about the climate— go, go, go speak about abortion— kill yourselves, go do that. Ilhan Omar, she’s fighting for abortion rights and all the other — my body my choice — yes go do that, but would she have an abortion? Never. Never. Would she kill a muslim in her stomach? Never. …. [she’s a] Fundamentalist. Extremist. Islamist. Jihadi ideology. A threat to national security. ISIS with lipstick.”

— Imam Mohammad Tawhidi

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