Lord, I pray your Church would wake up and realize the demonic attack we are under and respond through prayer and action.

Christians must wake up and realize what is happening before our very eyes.

Never before in the history of mankind has there ever been such a complex, demonic attack against a culture. Never before have we seen mainstream media, big tech, “woke” capitalism, social justice warriors, and governmental leaders align willingly under such a clear set of anti-God values. The values sound like: biblical marriage limits people’s love; abortion on demand is a person’s choice; America is a racist country; defunding law enforcement is the only answer; black lives matter; all whites are racist; only insurgents question election results.

These values shared by CNN, Coke, Twitter, progressive politicians, MSNBC, NBA, Facebook, YouTube, NFL, and the list goes on.

Every one of these groups or companies listed accepts these demonic values. Not only that, they feel it is their social responsibility to do their part to enforce these anti-Christian values.

It’s ideological totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism is always about a set of values, but during the course of humanity totalitarianism is typically held by a small group of people who take over power and then force compliance to their set of values. Over time the totalitarian values of the powerful become abusive, but the point of abuse is not always obvious and people don’t always recognize the abusive nature of the leaders at the same time.

The form of totalitarianism we are seeing in our nation at this time is something never before seen in history. A large, vast group of powerful leaders across society’s spectrum – news organizations, politician, tech leaders, etc. – share the same set of values and are enforcing them abusively through limiting religious freedoms and free speech.

It’s ideological totalitarianism.

The only explanation for this perfect storm of power and anti-God values is that it is demonic. At the highest levels diabolic forces have been unleashed against the destiny of this nation in a coordinated effort. How else could there be such alignment?

We must ask ourselves why this has happened. The first part of the answer is the Church has stopped being the culture influencer it is supposed to be. We bought the lie that Church and government must not mix. We have focused on salvation alone and not on discipleship of the influential. The second part of the answer is that this comprehensive demonic onslaught is attempting to sabotage a nation with a great destiny. The activities of the U.S. church have accomplished more for the gospel than any in history. The U.S. has furthered the causes of freedom like none in history.

Our response is critical! Will enough believers recognize this dangerous moment in time? Are we willing to make our voices heard loud enough? Are we committed to unified prayer? And are we willing to fight against this form of totalitarianism through activism in the streets and activism in the courts?

I am sounding the alarm. Do not underestimate the fragility of this moment.

For an excellent piece about how we can respond, please read the D.C. Insider column this weekend, A Call to BattleClick here to read it.

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