NAZCA TOMB ALIENS: Are mummified bodies fake?

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Last June incredible revelations and discovery were made, that according to many skeptics have been categorized this as “absurd“, all this because a team of researchers brought to light the mummies found in the area of ​​Nazca, in Peru, from this the name “nazca tomb aliens“.

nazca tomb aliens

The most skeptical at the beginning have questioned this disclosure, divulging that it was only animal remains but rebuilt specifically to make them look alien as possible. However, a team of archaeologists carried out various analyzes and concluded that the mummies were real, it is useless to say that the peculiarity of this disclosure is truly unique, as the story behind… we are talking about humanoids that resemble forms of extra terrestrial as we know them today.

A Peruvian radiologist, Dr. Raymundo Salas Alfaro has challenged his reputation by saying that after examining several tests and scanning the bodies found, he confirmed that in the past they were alive creatures.

“Each of the three small mummies has been analyzed and the bone density belongs to that of a living being, the way how they are preserved is very surprising especially for the bony parts. We can see that the base of the skull has its own characteristics that scientifically each of them is similar to a human cranial cavity, but at the same time they have some strong differences”.

Even the deputy director of the federal institute of research of the physical culture of St. Petersburg, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov made striking statements. “The first step has been shown that the mummies are real and not of plastic material“. Then later we showed how ancient they was.

With a carbon test the initial DNA tests found them to be 100% human, this is a report from the Paleo DNA laboratory of Lakehead University, Ontario in Canada, still available online today.

Below all the official images of nazca tomb aliens

body check up of the alien mummy
nazca aliens x-ray
nazca alien
nazca alien x-ray
mummy heads of nazca
mummified aliens of nazca
mummies of nazca x-ray

We know that when we talk about aliens and unidentified objects we must always pay attention to the testimonies, the ufology is a world where many false stories are often encountered, and as always it is very difficult to distinguish a real case, despite this there are many testimonies and reliable sources that support the veracity of these stories…

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