PENTAGON WHISTLEBLOWER WARNS THAT THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED TO WARN THE PUBLIC OF THE INTENSITY OF UFO INCURSIONS TO EARTH Elizondo made it clear in a press conference that UFOs have been observed to have qualities that are nothing less than otherworldly. He described vessels flying at 11,000 mph and being […] Read More

Pentagon UFO report: They ‘Acknowledged the Reality,’ Whistleblower Says

Shortly, this will become the biggest story of all-time…when there is blatant and open interaction with extra-terrestrial intelligences…watch and see… By Michael Kaplan and Steven Greenstreet The US government is actually gearing […] Read More

The Pentagon paid scientist to develop “trans-medium” military craft after fears that China already has UFO technology (Natural News) The Department of Defense paid Air Force scientist Salvatore Pais to develop a “trans-medium” military craft modeled after unidentified flying objects (UFO) that can operate both in air and underwater. […] Read More