Punishing Success and Rewarding Failure

Talk about things being upside-down…just like the Bible predicted so long ago…

By JB Williams

America is rapidly being forced into a completely new norm where in government institutions have adopted the role of punishing success and rewarding failure, allegedly for “the greater common good.”

This “regressive” concept has many names today, socialism, Marxism, progressivism, communism, collectivism, despotism, fascism, democracy, totalitarianism…it’s all the same thing by many names…the centralized governmental power to punish those who work hard and sacrifice for a better future, and reward those who don’t with gifts from the public trough.

The overall plan is to create a central power that will promise to take care of us all equally, ignoring the historical reality that any government powerful enough to do everything “for” us, is powerful enough to do anything “to” us…all of us. Those who have studied world history have seen exactly how this turns out, 100% of the time.

Successful people are known as “the haves” and failures are called “have-nots.” Karl Marx said it this way, “from each according to their ability; to each according to their need.” Marx’s effort to live his own life by this failed principle left Marx living his life in squaller, as four of his seven children died young of starvation and dysentery, while two of the three who survived childhood, committed suicide as adults.

Marx was determined to be a total failure in life, and simply take from others to survive. In the end, that cost Marx six of his seven children. Here in the USA, parents can go to prison for abusing their children in a similar manner, or that’s how it used to be in the old norm. Marx was the poster boy for “deadbeat dads!”

But thanks to government run public education (indoctrination) and Marxist college campuses, far too many young and middle age Americans think all of this is a grand idea that will serve them much better than freedom and liberty. So, by democratic processes rigged to serve their lazy agenda, they vote to “take from those who have; and give to those who have not” as if this has never been tried before.

How do we punish the Successful?

It seems the most hated class in America today is the white, working, self-reliant, taxpaying, law abiding American. According to today’s Democrats, money and these folks are the root of all evil in the world. That’s why Democrats must strip them of their earnings and eliminate the successful class, the “haves.”

New data shows that the top 1-percent of earners (with incomes over $540,009) pay over 40-percent of all income taxes in the USA. In other words, 1% of Americans carry 40% of the nation’s load for the other 99% of Americans.

The top fifty-percent of tax-filers earn 88-percent of all income and pay 97-percent of all income taxes. To put a fine point on it, the top 50% of income earners (making more than $43,615 per year) pay 97% of all income taxes in the USA, while the bottom 50% (making $43,614 per year or less) pay at the most, 3% of the nation’s income taxes. Most in this group do not pay any federal income taxes at all, and many actually receive tax “refunds” for taxes they never paid.

One in every two Americans is entirely dependent upon the success and tax payments of the other. Then along came 2020 and COVID19, which quickly turned over 75% of Americans into instant government dependents waiting for their next “stimulus check,” which hasn’t stimulated anything more than government dependency and a skyrocketing national debt.

Real or imaginary, COVID19 was used to create an entire nation of scared mask-wearing government dependents locked out of their businesses, jobs, and lives for over a year now. This is forced Marxism at its very best!

Add to this punitive tax system, extreme over regulation of all productive sectors of society and you have advanced the goal of eliminating the “haves” for temporary benefit of the “have-nots.” Soon, everyone will be a government dependent. No one will be able to pay any taxes! Everyone will be destitute.

And by the way, no matter what the corporate tax rate is, corporations do NOT pay taxes.

How do we Reward Failures?

Well, 50% of Americans exist thanks to the taxes paid by the other 50% of Americans. The producers in America are under increasing attack from government punitive taxation, over-regulation, and the “have-nots,” who never pass up an opportunity to vote themselves more “free stuff” from the public feeding trough. This is “democracy,” wherein 50.1% of the people can legally steal from the other 49.9% via “democratic” processes. This is NOT a “Constitutional Republic,” of course.

But this is just the beginning…

The Justice System is completely broken. Anyone can sue anyone for anything, or even nothing at all, and as long as it’s a “have-not” suing a “have,” the courts will rule in favor of the have-not every time. A few years ago, I saw a case where a man in his late 70s died of cancer, after smoking four packs of cigarettes every day since he was 15 years old. His family sued the cigarette company, and the court awarded the family $200M for the wrongful death of their loved one. INSANITY!

Never mind that every pack he smoked had a warning on it, or that he chose to chain-smoke for 55-years despite those warnings. It was “have-nots” suing the “haves” and that was the end of that. Cases like this happen every day in America and it has gone on for decades now. You get the point…we have problems everywhere now.

After a year locked out of our lives, Americans got a $1400 check from Uncle Joe two months late, while our fabulous government leaders are kicking homeless Americans back into the streets to make room for illegal alien shelters, at $75,000 per illegal, and the Governor of New York is planning on paying every illegal in NY $15,000 each for breaking and entering into our country.

As a nation, we’re a total sick and gross train wreck!

The question is… what are Americans going to do about it?

According to the Marxists, nobody should own a private plane. That’s terrible news for everyone who makes a living designing, building, selling, and operating private planes. According to them, no one should own a big house, except their illustrious Marxist leaders, who own several of them.

If we stay on this “democratic” path, it won’t take long to totally destroy the U.S. economy, personal earnings, individual prosperity, freedom, liberty and in the end, every American.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said it exactly right years ago… “Socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money.” The “rich” have other names, like philanthropist, investor, employer, researcher and developer, builder, creator, innovator, and inventor. Poor people don’t become wealthy by making all rich people poor.

Once the “rich” have been robbed of everything they worked and sacrificed for, all that’s left is a 3rd world nation of equally poor people. No jobs, no creativity, no innovation, no charities, nothing…nothing but a tyrannical government that has to control a destitute people to keep them from killing each other to survive.

America must return to rewarding winners, not losers. Or America will become a nation of nothing but destitute losers, like every other country that ever attempted socialism.

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