James Dobson: Christians Must ‘Stand Up’ Against ‘Horrible Reality’ of Biden Admin Before It’s Too Late

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/james-dobson-christians-must-stand-up-against-horrible-reality-of-biden-admin-before-its-too-late ‘Are Christians, at long last, aware of this horrible reality?’ By Pete Baklinski Christian conservative leader James Dobson is urging Americans to take a public stand before it’s “too […] Read More

Democrats Send Insane Letter to Cable Carriers and Big Tech, Demanding a Ban on Conservative Media

https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2021/02/23/democrats-send-insane-letter-to-cable-carriers-demanding-a-ban-on-conservative-tv-networks-n2585181 By Katie Pavlich for Townhall House Democrats are officially harnessing the force of the federal government in an attempt to bully cable carriers and big tech platforms into banning […] Read More

Fighting Racism — Two Stories

https://www.theintell.com/story/opinion/columns/more-voices/2020/07/22/guest-opinion-fight-racism-with-individualism-capitalism-limited-government/42040571/ Guest Opinion: Fight racism with individualism, capitalism, limited government Gregory Manco for The Intelligencer To paraphrase economist Thomas Sowell: things a liberal would have said years ago could get […] Read More