President Trump Says There’s A “CABAL” Calling The Shots For Biden

Certainly didn’t need president Trump to tell me that…the empty husk of a soulless golem that is our impostor-in-chief can’t even figure out what is for lunch…

President Trump completely exposed Biden in his latest interview with Sean Hannity.

In Trump’s first sit-down interview in months, Trump was quoted saying “I don’t know if Joe knows what’s going on because I think you have a cabal. You have a group of people sitting around the table just saying do this”.

President Trump is right the Cabal is calling the shots for Biden and he’s just saying yes to all of their orders.

Check out the moment he said it here:

Did you catch it?

He said it at around the 50-second mark.

So who is the Cabal, they are the elites who control the world behind the scenes.

There are too many to name here but if you follow the money you’ll be able to see more clearly that the world is run by a very select group of people who are Satanists.

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