Crime of the Century Rant

This covid scam is the Crime of the Century — far worse than the stolen bastardization of the 2020 election, the 9-11 deception, the JFK murder, the endless overseas wars, or even the rampant child abuse/pornography/trafficking that has infested the halls of power all these years. This threatens the whole of Mankind.

You are being lied to, at every turn, by virtually every public entity, be they government, lamestream media, the corrupted courts, or all the other worthless paid-off mouthpieces.

The “virus” has never been isolated. There is a $250,000 reward offered for anyone that can do that but it has never been claimed.

Why? Because it simply does not exist.

And the “vaccine?” They can stick that untested, nanobot-laden, mRNA-manipulating, 5G-responsive poison potion up where the sun never shines.

You are witnessing the end of western civilization. America is in sore need of judgment. We have been very evil for a very long time.

In my little mind, the Bible has been right all along. Get right with God before it is too late.


(And by the way, the teenaged sh*theads at FartBlock erased this rant and put me in their penalty box for 24 hours…here’s my middle finger, Suckerborg!)

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