Seventeen Articles About Your Rights, Censorship, Wokism, Racism and the Media

Stand Your Ground laws are not a license to kill and don’t make murder legal ==========AND========== LEFT ON VERGE OF HUGE ANTI-FIRST AMENDMENT VICTORY—Unless SCOTUS Takes Up VDARE Vs. […] Read More

First Dozen Articles About Science and Technology

Who Had Their Finger on the Magic of Life – Antoine BeChamp or Louis Pasteur? ==========AND========== Astronomers propose building a neutrino telescope — out of the Pacific Ocean […] Read More

David Icke: Six of His Latest Presentations

David Icke’s Latest Message (December, 2021): ‘This Is What Is Changing The World Right Now’ ==========AND========== The Metaverse – What Psychopath Zuckerberg Is Really Trying To Sell You- Dot […] Read More

Seven Articles About the 2020 Election, Voting and Audits

Precinct Strategy Now Has Statewide Groups You Can Connect With ==========AND========== KLINE: Zuck’s Bucks were ILLEGAL ==========AND========== Wisconsin Election Group Findings: 44,272 Voted WITHOUT Proof Of ID – While […] Read More

2nd Set of Eight Articles About Politics in General – Foreign and Domestic

VIDEO: President Macron Slapped in the Face During Tour of Southeastern France ==========AND========== Why Do Conservative Authors and Radio Hosts Waste Their Time? ==========AND========== America at the Precipice ==========AND========== […] Read More