Christians Tortured In Secret Government Facilities — Guess Who’s Running Them?

This is very ugly. The CCP are waging war against any dissident in the state.

Reports from Radio Free Asia, a non-profit broadcasting company, claims that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is detaining Christians in secret prisons and torturing them for months in an attempt to force them to renounce their faith.

RFA reported that a Christian who wished to remain anonymous claimed that he was detained in a facility run by the Communist Chinese Party’s United Front Work Dept., and that it was working jointly with state security police. Another anonymous Christian sources claimed that the secret facilities are not just being used against Protestants but members of the Catholic church as well.

Radio Free Asia receives funding from the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which is an independent federal agency.

The communists are reportedly focusing their efforts against “house churches,” small groups who are not participants of the Three-Self Patriotic Association, a CCP sanctioned entity which teaches approved versions of Christianity because the uncensored religion is deemed a national security threat.

The source stressed how the CCP agency was using “underhand methods,” and issuing threats and intimidation in front of police, who would turn a blind eye to the harassment. Christians are made to accept a prepared statement, or else they are detained and tortured.

Reports of Christian persecution from the Chinese government is not new, as last summer it was reported by Daily Wire that Christians were being forced to renounce their faith and replace religious symbols in their homes with portraits of President Xi Jinping or Chairman Mao.

Author: Hunter Simmons

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