American Thought Leaders — A New Series of Four Terrific Interviews

Enjoy Jan Jekielek as he interviews some newer newsmakers and thought leaders…always well done…always thought-provoking… WATCH: Dr. Warren Farrell: Toxic Masculinity Origins and the Regressive Nature of Feminist Victimhood […] Read More

Texas Senate Passes Resolution to Curb China’s Forced Organ Harvesting: ‘There Needs to Be a Global Outcry’

Good for Texas! By Eva Fu Texas Senate lawmakers have unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the Chinese regime’s “vile practice of forcibly removing human organs for transplant” while urging the United States […] Read More

Joe Biden Is Using Your Tax Dollars To Make American Kids Hate Their Country By Joy Pullmann Communist China can repurpose its anti-American propaganda budget for other pursuits with a presidential administration like this running its top competitor… The Biden administration cites the anti-American […] Read More

Senators Unveil Bipartisan Bill to Protect US Workers From China’s ‘Unfair Trade Practices’

What has taken so long? This should have been done twenty years ago, or more… BY ISABEL VAN BRUGEN Two U.S. senators on April 16 unveiled a bipartisan proposal that […] Read More