Mexican Congress Votes to Legalize Marijuana

What took so darn long?

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Mexico’s Congress voted in favor of legalizing marijuana–a move some politicians claim will help curb the raging cartel violence.

This week, Mexico’s congressmen held a series of heated debates about legalizing marijuana for medical, recreational, and industrial use. The bill decriminalizes possession of up to 28 grams and sets up regulations for production and distribution.

The proposed law passed largely along party lines with 316-129 and 23 abstentions. The opposition consisted of the National Action Party (PAN) and Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI). Supporting the bill were largely from the ruling party, MORENA.

The bill was previously approved by Mexico’s Senate, bringing legalization one step closer to fruition. After some revisions between the versions passed by the different chambers, the bill would become a law once it is published in the Official Federation Ledger.

Legalization has been one of the main issues pushed by Mexico’s Morena Party with controversial Senator Jesusa Rodriguez being one of the most outspoken supporters. Rodriguez made headlines in the past for comparing marijuana to a clitoris and for bringing a plant into the senate chambers.

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