Tom Bearden’s book “AIDS – Biological Warfare”

Similar to what is going on now, the brilliant physicist/inventor Tom Bearden discusses that and more…if you do not know of this fellow and have scientific interest, check him out…

The original cover design to Tom Bearden’s book “AIDS – Biological Warfare” sends a very clear and stark message…

The AIDS epidemic was a deliberate Russian biowarfare attack on the West, and to meet the viral biological warfare weapon we must develop electromagnetic healing.  ASAP!
The implication from the original cover was that the whole book was devoted to the AIDS crisis.
But after the original book publisher folded and we re-published the book a decade or so after the original AIDS crisis, we were amazed to find that only around 15 percent of the book was solely devoted to AIDS. The rest is a true cornucopia of scientific fascination and is essentially a science thriller and host of detective stories rolled into one.

It makes for absolutely fascinating reading, posing and answering, for example, such questions as “Time is not Observable, What then is Time? Where does Time Exist?”

Tom lumps all this content under the generic heading “Extraordinary Physics” and throws in some fascinating history lessons as well.  Such as the real cause behind the Chernobyl nuclear disaster…..with illustrations.
Yes, he does confirm, quoting Chapter and Verse so to speak, that the AIDS virus was deliberately created in Western laboratories, and the mechanism as to how it was vectored around the world is precisely detailed.  The technical methodology of how to counter it using scalar electromagnetics is also of course explained in great detail.  As are many other offshoots and implications of this “science that is not yet a science” in mainstream physics and medicine.
Interestingly, he also includes Dr. John Seale’s 1987 statement that the AIDS virus “is the first virus to have appeared in mankind for many centuries which is entirely new, highly lethal, and spreading steadily from person-to-person worldwide.”……… which sounds eerily familiar in these Covid times.
In any event, Michael Anderson of ARTSPEED, our long time graphic artist and branding expert decided a new book cover was in order that downplayed the original AIDS immediacy message of the original Hal Crawford cover.

And this is the current cover, which did this, while remaining true to the original concept,  and didn’t step on the core message of Tom Bearden’s book.
In this you will find, for example, that the biological transmutation of elements (alchemy) has a history, of both results and suppression. Examples start way back in 1822. Why the suppression? Because for one reason, all this can lead to the production of gold from copper by what Tom Bearden calls “critters,” and John Bedini even shows how this is done on the bench in our Part 18 DVD on Transmutation.
In the closing chapters of the book, a wonderful précis by Christopher Bird of the original French best seller entitled “The Case of Antoine Priore and his Therapeutic Machine: A Scandal in the Politics of Science” is enclosed, and Tom’s AIDS BW concludes with Patents by Lakhousky, Moray and Hooper related to EM healing, and more….
Many people wonder why Tom Bearden is always pointing his finger at the (then) Soviets, and never closer to home. There are good reasons.
First and foremost he saw with crystal clarity that the Soviets had complete mastery of the extended electromagnetic theory that is not taught in Western academia, and which they called Energetics, and which they weaponized.
Secondarily, he was attempting as a matter of utmost National Security to get the U.S. to get to grips with this hidden science and its multitude of implications.
Thirdly, Tom Bearden loves his country and is a patriotic American still serving in the U.S. Military, albeit on Retired status. In this capacity he will do anything in his power to convince our Constitutionally elected Government and its various branches how to best defend the Nation, while not betraying any legitimate covert programs that we have going on.

But he will ruthlessly attack and do his best to expose any cabals who have appropriated technology programs and are operating them extra-Constitutionally, especially if they are detrimental to the welfare of the American population.
There is an interesting footnote to the republishing of this seminal book.
Some of you may remember that postage stamp collecting (philately) used to be a “thing,” and that certain stamps with typos or blemishes from the printer would command huge prices.
Well, we sold the retooled AIDS BW book for many years until a friend of ours walked into the office, took one look at the books on the bookshelf, and said “Bioblogical??????”
Sure enough, the spelling on the spine carried the extra letter, and no-one had ever caught the error.  We reprinted.
But if you have one of the original Version 2 copies…….you have the Collector’s Edition!

Tom Bearden also lectured on the topic, and this is covered in his DVD of the same name, available at and is included with the book price for the month of March 2021.

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