There Is No ‘Too Far’ for Leftists

So very lost are these people…dear Lord, send your spirit to heal them…

By Derek Hunter for Townhall

There is an entire industry in America designed to monitor and lie about conservative media in the hopes of getting people fired. There is no equivalent on the right. Maybe there should be?

There are people out there whose job it is to watch hours upon hours of Fox News hoping to find a slip or clip they can take out of context to publicize that will unleash an army of flying monkeys on social media to pressure advertisers to stop spending money to reach their audiences. There are conservatives who have jobs to watch liberal outlets, but their job is to point out what leftists say, not bastardize it and try to ruin people’s lives.

Maybe it’s time those of us on the right took a page from the left’s playbook and met fire with fire.

Where would one start if they wanted to play the “destroy someone” game?

There are many targets.

At CNN there is Don Lemon, who is dumb and screams “racism” every five minutes. Then there’s Chris Cuomo, of whom it could be said was a co-conspirator in his brother’s crimes and perversions, not to mention his ethical failings as a journalist Any number of their contributors say horrible things and lie about anyone with an R after their name, so the list of potentials is endless.

Over at MSNBC the pool is deeper, much deeper. Their primetime line-up spins half-truths into conspiracy theories on a nightly basis, and they win awards for it. Their day parts are filled with lunatics, each one crazier than the last one, infected with a form of Tourette’s Syndrome that causes them to engage in a never-ending game of out-crazing each other. The contributors run the gamut from insane to insane, with all having minds in various stages of stercoraceous (look it up, this is a family column).

Morning Joe is in its own category – a “respectable roundtable” of delusion and liberal fever dreams manifesting itself as serious discussion. Every morning the clown car opens its door to dump a series of deranged partisanship pretending to be important discussions – a self-sustaining echo chamber, a relay team in a never-ending race to carry the baton further down the track of an endless horizon.

On none of these networks or shows is a dissenting voice heard, it’s bias reinforcement and one-upsmanship, like children vying for attention from a neglectful parent. How do you appeal to any company willing to subsidize that?

The thing about advertisers in left-wing media is they know what they’re getting; they know exactly what they’re paying for. They don’t care. How do you hold them to standards they hold others to when the people tossing money at them do so with the full knowledge that their funding lies? You can’t.

Corporate America is fully left-wing, either by infiltration or out of fear of their wrath. The motivation doesn’t matter as much as the end result, and the end result is there isn’t much that can be done to change it. Not much can be done to even steer the car in any direction away from the destruction of the civil society toward which it seems to be gleefully racing.

The only way to dampen the progress of the left is to create a life without it. That would require not just a commitment from conservatives in the public, but from wealthy conservatives who routinely engage in commerce with leftist institutions. The “big” conservative donor class should see this an opportunity to create new companies, financial institutions, and entities for everyone (not just conservatives and not excluding Democrats) to compete with the conformity demands of the corporate left.

There is no “too far” for the left to go to face consequences for the words or actions, so there is no accountability for them. Banks can denounce and refuse to do business with a conservative bent, unless they capitulate to their conformity demands, so we need new banks. Entertainment companies can fire people for unrelated opinions, so we need new entertainment companies. News organizations can refuse to report honestly and speak truthfully about conservative policy ideas and bills, so we need new news organizations.

The general public can’t do this, but they do hunger for it. It’s time for the wealthy conservative donor class to stop building monuments to themselves in non-profits and think tanks and take some risks to create these alternatives. There’s money to be made in being neutral in business, a lot of money, with tens of millions of customers just waiting to be served, waiting to be freed from the threat of cancelation. Will any of these people with the means who have wings in think tanks named after them step up and take the biggest risk they could for the greatness of America and fill this need? The country is waiting.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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