Four Articles About the Middle East

Jon Voight Blames ‘Liberal Non-Thinkers’ For Spike In Anti-Semitic Attacks In U.S. ==========AND========== Hamas Terror Chief Thanks Iran for Sending Money, Weapons ==========AND========== Gaza Conflict Reveals a Changed […] Read More

Three Articles About Wokism, Racism, CRT

People Are Getting Tired of Woke Nonsense ========== AND ========== Rejecting Critical Race Theory Is Possible and Happening in America ========== AND ========== Leftist Racial Agitation Damages and […] Read More

How to outsmart the doomed DEATH CULT masses who now surround us (Natural News) The masses walking around society today have become a death cult of lunatics who believe a long list of insane, self-destructive things: That being injected with deadly, […] Read More