The FBI Declares War on Patriotism—What Happens Next?

March 3, 2021 / by Praying Medic

The 10th in a series of messages about where America may be headed following the 2020 election

The inciting incident of a story is the event that causes the main character to take action. In the film Rocky, heavyweight champion Apollo Creed challenges Rocky Balboa to a title fight. Every action that follows in the film is is a result of this inciting incident.

It is my view that at some point, the military will intervene in the Biden administration. Many have argued that this will never happen. Biden is the President, and his people are at the top of the Defense Department. His people will never betray him.

Rocky Balboa was the last person who deserved a shot at the heavyweight title. An unknown journeyman fighter working as an enforcer for a loan shark had no legitimate claim to a title fight. But when Creed’s scheduled opponent injured his hand, and every ranked fighter was unavailable, Rocky was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

The shadow Presidency of Barack Obama (via Joe Biden) is on a collision course. We know this by analyzing Obama’s first two terms in office. He went to great lengths to weaken the military, removing hundreds of patriotic members of the command staff, slashing the Pentagon’s budget, and implementing rules of engagement that put soldiers in a position of disadvantage with respect to their opponents.

Obama, through Biden, is continuing the war against patriots in the military, as evidenced by the recent warning to special forces that if they’re caught posting Pepe the frog memes, they risk being discharged. Banning the use of Pepe memes is laughable, but the war against patriotism goes deeper. The Pentagon has expressed concern about Oathkeepers and Three Percenters—conservative patriot groups whose ranks include active-duty military and law enforcement officers.

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Chris Wray denied there is evidence that leftist groups participated in the January 6th incident at the Capitol. He claims it was not the left that incited insurrection, but the right. Wray said the Bureau views the Capitol incident as an “act of domestic terrorism” and vowed to bring its perpetrators to justice. To fuel the fire, the media are pushing a narrative that conservative groups, particularly militias, represent a clear and present danger to the Biden administration.

The endgame for people like Obama is establishing a borderless global community with people like George Soros at the top. That can only happen if the military becomes subservient to these people and their agenda. As long as there are patriots in uniform who support American sovereignty, that agenda remains out of reach. If globalists are to obtain their goal, the influence of patriots on American culture and their control over the Pentagon must be removed. The current administration would love to disarm patriots by repealing the second amendment, but that will never happen. The current strategy is to criminalize patriotism and put its proponents in prison. That was the subtext of Chris Wray’s testimony before the Senate.

The Biden administration has declared war on patriotism, and the FBI is leading the charge.
And just like that, we have an inciting incident that might compel the military to intervene in the Biden administration.

If the FBI and DOJ harass and prosecute members of the military, law enforcement, and others who work in protective services, over their love of country, they’re asking for a blood bath.  Good people will be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. The Pentagon may not want to step in but they would be foolish to allow the Biden administration to advance this agenda. Do they allow globalists like Obama and John Kerry to neuter the Defense Department and hand over our nation to tyrants when they could put a stop to it?

I’m not saying this will cause the military to intervene, I’m saying that it could. Any of a hundred different scenarios could compel patriots in the military to say enough is enough. 

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