MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Tells Lifesite How Christians Can Fight Cancel Culture

Someone needs to make a list of companies that need to be avoided, that need to be put out of business.

One thing you can do – not shop at the places that are cancelling us out”

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (left), LifeSiteNews journalist Stephen Kokx (right)

By Michael Haynes for LifeSiteNews

ORLANDO, Florida, March 4, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, has urged people to fight back against Big Tech censorship, by not using social media platforms and avoiding giving custom to businesses that promote censorship, warning that “they just suppress you or they cancel you out.”

Lindell made the comments to LifeSiteNews’s Stephen Kokx, at last weekend’s CPAC conference in Florida. “One thing you can do – not shop at the places that are cancelling us out,” he urged. “Get rid of your Twitters and your ‘Suckerbug’ from Facebook.”

He slammed the unseen oligarchs controlling social media and the mainstream media, predicting that censorship would not be merely limited to conservatives, but would be extending to all. “This isn’t a party thing, it’s whoever they want to get rid of, whatever narrative they don’t want out there, they will even change the narrative and this is mainstream media too. They’re probably worse than anyone, and the entities behind them.”

The MyPillow CEO is no stranger to censorship. After Lindell made vocal his support for Trump and his concerns about election fraud, which the mainstream media repeatedly denied existed, he faced widespread online deplatforming. Twitter completely banned his account and his company’s, and YouTube and Vimeo swiftly removed a video in which he detailed the election fraud

“These entities should all be brought to justice, and the big owners of the big entities. Even Google attacked me! I can’t even buy my own name,” he revealed.

number of stores also abruptly cut ties with his company, refusing to stock Lindell’s wares, yet despite the attempt to silence Lindell into submission, he reported that sales had “increased.” 

“These people cancel me, these are hired hit groups, these are hired groups that went after these box stores, they use bots and trolls. If you look on anybody that’s had anything familiar with bots and trolls on social media, and then when you get free speech, look what they did to Parler,” he commented. 

Lindell now posts the banned videos on his website, since he noted how any opposition to the COVID-19 experimental vaccines is not tolerated on social media: “if you talk about ‘hey, don’t take the vaccine, it’s horrible,’ anything that people want to voice. Or an opinion, if ‘they’ don’t like it, Big Pharma, the evil that took our country, the attacks with the machines, they just suppress you or they cancel you out.”

As LifeSite has recently reported on, leftists are no longer content with simply silencing those who oppose the mainstream narrative, but there are now attempts to utterly control online information by changing Wikipedia entries about people and events. Lindell commented on this, calling the site a “horrible, horrible entity.”

“Wikipedia, another horrible, horrible entity is Wikipedia. It’s the worst, they can take you and turn you into something you’re not. Whatever they want to turn you into; you don’t control your Wikipedia, I don’t know if people know that, ‘they’ do.”

Despite this attack, Lindell remains firm in his convictions to fight back against censorship. In a recent interview in January, the businessman urged people to have hope: “We can’t live in fear this time. We’ve got to all stand together. And I’m not talking politics. I’m talking people.”

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