How Many Times Must We Tell You to Never Apologize to These Scumbags?

How Many Times Must We Tell You to Never Apologize to These Scumbags?

By Kurt Schlichter for Townhall

That Mumford & Sons banjo guy is a pathetic weenie who the left hates and who we despise, and who now has to live forever as a groveling coward nobody likes. Yeah, he was in Mumford & Sons and managed to find a way to make people like him less. What did he do? He gave in. He submitted. He begged for forgiveness instead of telling the fussy rage mobs to kiss his smilin’ Schumer.

Really people, this is getting exhausting. How many times do we have to say it? How many people have to plead for forgiveness and end up humiliated, broken, and – not incidentally – unforgiven before people understand that the only effective response to these monsters’ fake outrage is to flip them the middle 20 percent of the fingers of a Bulwark staffer’s primary erotic partner?

Never never never give them an inch. It always ends badly.

Sharon Osborne apologized for the crime of not simping for the mouthy American twit and her ridiculous in-bred Brit beau. Metal Yoko slept with a dude who ate bat heads and now she cares that dorks on Twitter say she’s mean? 

Stacy Dash did it too. She recently gave some interview where she pleaded that she’s now sorry for being a black conservative. And the left welcomed her with open nothings. Dash started trending on social media after the left, like prissy little piranhas, went into a feeding frenzy. If you want to see systemic racism, just look at liberal Twitter.

For those of you who have not been paying attention, it’s not about “racism” or “sexism” or whatever -ism or -phobia these tools are pretending to be upset about this week. The left actively supports racism and sexism – leftists are affirmatively in favor of those things, so it’s not like their performative pouting is a good faith critique of their victim’s words.

It’s about power, the power to force others to comply by guaranteeing a tsunami of hate toward anyone deviating from the ordained narrative. 

You have to understand that you can’t obtain their forgiveness, though you shouldn’t want it in the first place. They already know you did nothing wrong. Right and wrong is irrelevant. Your life is a human sacrifice to Lib Moloch, the demon demigod of the left, and they wish to feast upon your soul. Saying “sorry” won’t save you. Keep your dignity and don’t try.

You also have to understand that you can’t reason your way out of it. It’s not about reason. Facts and evidence are bourgeois conceits. They laugh when you try to reason with them, because it shows you are not woke to the reality that internet raging is what people who can’t do push-ups do to bully others. So, don’t reason with them.

You have to beat their brains out, figuratively, of course. They all have a glass jaw, and they can’t deal with the incredible potency of the word “No.” What should banjo-boy have done? Easy: “I will never apologize for reading a book libfascists don’t like, or for anything else. Bite me. And since my sissy band’s sissy bandmates are too sissy to back me up, I’m going solo and doing that electric banjo speed metal project with Dave Mustaine I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Go folk yourself, Mumford & Sons!” 

Just ask yourself, “What Would Tucker Do?”

When some Swiss-boarding school alumna golden girlchild who writes for the NYT because it’s a totally serious paper – stop laughing! – got mad that Tucker Carlson called her out for dumbness, Tucker laughed and did it again. Taylor Lorenz, the chipmunky adolescent at issue, then got her media mob to announce that even speaking princess’s sacred name was actual literal violence that had her actually literally shaking.


Well, that’s stupid and we’re not doing it.

Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz  Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz Taylor Lorenz.

It’s all so tiresome. It’s all so lame. And it’s hilarious that they think they can invent new crimes – YOU DARED UTTER THE NAME OF SOMEONE WHO HAS A BYLINE IN OUR PAPER! – and that we will instantly accept it as an offense, and confess to our guilt. But my favorite part is the entitlement of the media. Here’s a WaPo tweet that’s just hysterical: “Tucker Carlson keeps attacking a New York Times reporter after the paper calls his tactics ‘calculated and cruel.’“ Oh my gosh, they called him “cruel” and he didn’t submit! Oh well, I never!

Never submit. Never explain. Never apologize. Charge into the ambush.

That’s not to say there have not been, and will not be in the future, casualties from our resistance to this cheesy oppression. People will lose jobs and opportunities. They must still fight back. States already have powerful laws that protect citizens from political discrimination in employment and public accommodations (that is, things people use to survive and operate in society). Sue the dirtbags! And Republicans need to be the party that cancels the cancellers. States, start passing more laws protecting individuals, and make sure you appoint judges who will give them teeth. 


Finally, we need to forego mindless adherence to “conservative principles” that ensure our servitude. The underlying premise of us not interfering with or regulating businesses is that we won’t use our power against them if they don’t use theirs against us. It’s always weird that alleged conservatives – the Fredocons – insist that we pretend what is happening isn’t actually happening and honor a contract that the other guys breached. As has been said before, never adhere to a purported conservative principle that makes you less free.

So, when they come for you, and they will, be prepared to tell them to go to hell.

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