H.R. 1 vs States Rights

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By: Devvy Kidd for News With Views

As I wrote in a column in January, the shadow government is going for the kill shot.  They pulled off a well-planned steal to deny President-Elect Donald Trump a second term.  They got caught but Republicans in Congress gave them what they wanted and equally gutless cowards on the U.S. Supreme Court kissed and blessed The Steal.

Their grand heist went wrong and the massive fraud was exposed.  The time came for Republicans in both the House and Senate to stand firm and reject the Electoral College vote.  Then the pre-planned storming of the Capitol interrupted what should have been a ‘stand your ground’ for Republicans who KNEW Trump won the election.  They all caved but for a few.

Prior to the incident, 13 GOP senators pledged to stand up to the stealing of an election.  They knew that PA counted 205,000 more votes than eligible voters in the state. That there is an ocean of PROVABLE fraud.

Instead, they turned into cowards. Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN,Sen.Steve Daines, R-MT,  Sen. James Lankford, R-OK,  – That mealy-mouthed, spineless toady said, “We are headed toward certification of Joe Biden as [president of the United States] and we will work together.”  Work together with a man who stole the election through cheating and fraud?  I damn well hope the people of Oklahoma remember your cowardice next primary time.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-WI, who chaired the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on election fraud.  He knew how bad it was yet he turned coward on Jan. 6, 2021 along with Sen. Mike Braun, R-IN, and Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-TN.

Storming the Capitol had NOTHING to do with the massive vote fraud in November.  NOTHING.  But those cowards, each and every one of them sent this message:  We do not care the election was stolen.  We know it was but we are going to condone it anyway using the incident as an excuse.

We know storming of the Capitol was pre-planned because solid evidence has been brought out, although most of the country likely has no idea.  Those would be the dullards who voted for career criminal, Cheater China Joe and Americans who swallow nightly propaganda on “news” networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN & FOX and big tech censor gods like Facebook and Twitter.

Before any of the facts were known, Republicans in Congress denied the truth in favor of betraying over 75 million Americans who voted for their party’s president.  It was expected of Trump haters like Romney, Liz Chaney, Sasse and a few others, but alleged strong supporters of Trump kicked him in the gut.

Oh, but Sen.  Marsha Blackburn is pro-life!  By voting to accept certification of the fraudulent Electoral College vote, Blackburn helped usher in a cheat who is a staunch supporter of killing the unborn. They all know Cheater China Joe has advanced dementia and instead of calling out the DNC for deliberately putting forth a mentally incapable candidate, they said nothing.  Oh, gosh, the media might say something bad about me.  Gutless.

They all had to know at some point the shadow government will shuffle this impostor ‘president’ off to the nursing home and in comes a constitutionally ineligible cheater, Marxist whore, Kamala Harris.  Another morally bankrupt Democrat who loves abortion.  William Foster wrote in his book, Toward a Soviet America, one day a communist would sit in the White House.  It’s now just a matter of time before it happens.

Sen. Blackburn, Johnson and all the rest:  Your word means nothing.  You denied truth to support a lie.  The same goes for every other Republican that day, House or Senate, who caved before knowing one single fact about what happened with those stupid enough to storm the Capitol.  And now you all have your panties in a twist over H.R. 1, the alleged Voter Integrity bill passed by the corrupt U.S. House who, through vote fraud, hold the majority. Illegal Ballots Counted: What About Those House and Senate Seats?

I’ve yet to hear one of you stand on either the House or Senate floor and state the obvious:  Congress does NOT have legislative authority to dictate how states shall conduct their elections.  Congress can set the date for federal elections but they have ZERO authority under the U.S. Constitution to try and force mandatory mail-in ballots for all the states or anything else in that bill which would turn our elections into what we see in third-world countries.

That bill is toxic on all fronts:  Lone Democrat Explains Why He Sided With Republicans Against H.R. 1– “My constituents opposed the redistricting portion of the bill as well as the section on public finances. I always listen and vote in the interest of my constituents,” he said in an emailed statement.

“H.R. 1 would require congressional redistricting to be conducted through independent commissions, or a three-judge court. Membership on the commissions would be open to any citizen of the state through an application process, barring people who have held or hold office, candidates for office, and people who have worked on political campaigns.

“Six members would be chosen by “a nonpartisan agency established or designated by a State,” the bill states. Two from each party, and two independents, would be chosen on a random basis from the approved selection pool.”

Of course, Democrats always fall back on their tried and true victimhood industry when it comes to voting.  Citing from the article above:  “As a former voting rights attorney, I have seen firsthand the devastation on the faces of Americans when they are denied their ability to make their voice heard in our elections because they missed an arbitrary deadline or showed up to their old polling place. It’s heartbreaking and not who we are as nation,” Rep. Colin Allred (D-Texas) said.

“On today’s vote, we as a Congress have the opportunity to affirmatively expand access to voting. This bill would do so by allowing for automatic and same-day voter registration and establishing a national early voting period while also enacting key reforms that will make our elections more secure and will ensure Americans and only Americans take part in them.”

If voters miss a deadline, they aren’t paying attention.  The fault lies with them.  Voters shows up at an old polling place means those voters aren’t paying attention.  The fault lies with the voter.  Same day voter registration is an open invitation to vote fraud just like mail-in ballots. 

Ensure Americans and only Americans take part in our elections?  Where have you been Allred?  In violation of federal immigrations laws, states like California have been giving driver’s license to illegal aliens for years.  Under the toxic National Voter Registration Act of 1993 which people like me fought so hard to stop, signed into “law” by Marxist Bill Clinton, illegals who obtain driver’s licenses can just mail in the form and then vote in our elections – illegally.  Save your hanky session, Rep. Allred.  You care nothing about those voters, only their votes.

Fighting back

Twenty Attorneys General Send Letter Telling Congress HR 1 Is Unconstitutional, March 5, 2021

“This monstrosity of a bill betrays the Constitution, dangerously federalizes state elections, and undermines the integrity of the ballot box,” Rokita said in a statement to Fox News. “As a former chief election officer, and now an Attorney General, I know this would be a disaster for election integrity and confidence in the processes that have been developed over time to instill confidence in the idea of ‘one person, one vote.’”

“… Perhaps most egregious is the Act’s limitations on voter ID laws. Fairly considered, requiring government-issued photo identification at the polls represents nothing more than a best practice for election administration. Government-issued photo identification has been the global standard for documentary identification for decades. Nearly twenty years ago, in the Help America Vote Act, Congress required first-time voters who register by mail without proof of identification to present identification either to the county voter-registration office or at the polls. 42 U.S.C. § 15483(b). It thereby acknowledged the existence of voter fraud and the capacity of documentary identification to prevent it. 148 Cong. Rec. S10489 (Oct. 16, 2002) (statement of Sen. Bond) (“By passage of this legislation, Congress has made a statement that vote fraud exists in this country.”)…”  I encourage you to read the rest of the article hereand issues raised by those AG’s.

They close with this: “Despite recent calls for political unity, the Act takes a one-sided approach to governing and usurps states’ authority over elections. With confidence in elections at a record low, the country’s focus should be on building trust in the electoral process… Around the nation, the 2020 general elections generated mass confusion and distrust—problems that the Act would only exacerbate. Should the Act become law, we will seek legal remedies to protect the Constitution, the sovereignty of all states, our elections, and the rights of our citizens.”

That would be correct.  Under the Tenth Amendment, Congress has zero authority to force states to get on their knees and accept a nationalized voting process within their state.

If those states think they might get favorable opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court, they might wish to bet Elvis is still in the building.  When that “high” court kicked the election cases to the curb, they sent a clear message to America:  We are Gods and we refuse to put Donald Trump back in office regardless of the solid legal challenges in those cases.  Roberts, Kagan, Sotomayor, Breyer, Kavanaugh are partisan cowards.  Barrett got lucky, she recused herself.

Which is why I sent my own letter the day before those AG’s sent theirs. Mine went to my U.S. Rep, Arrington, Texas Speaker of the House at our Capitol, one of our best state senators and one of our state reps who wants Texas to secede from the Union.  I skipped my state rep, Drew ‘Do Nothing’ Darby and my state senator, Seliger, who wouldn’t know what the Constitution said if James Madison read it to him word by word.

Going back to the Democrat House member above:  He sided with his constituents and Republicans because they made their voices heard.  YOU must, too.  Not an email.  A snail mail letter to your U.S. Senator (House is passed now) and your state rep and senator – by the thousands.  We are in a damn war and it’s imperative We the People make sure our reps and senators, state and federal, understand we know the Constitution and they had better go out and rent a bucket of guts and stand up to Lucifer’s Democrat/Communist Party USA.

Below is an abbreviated version of my letter; just left off how important those primaries are coming up in nine months.  Several of the contested states are attempting to fix what allowed the vile DemonRats to steal the election along with judges complicit in The Steal.  Cowards or partisan hacks in robes.

You can use whatever you need from my letter and add what you think is appropriate, like telling them who you are, what you do and you will only support a candidate in the upcoming primaries who will stand up to the bullies in Congress and the hell with what the prostitute media says.  Just copy & paste.

It doesn’t matter if your U.S. Senator, state rep or state senator is a Democrat.  Tailor your letter to appeal to them about fair elections and what happens when the shoe is on the other foot.  The one thing those jackals fear is this awakening of the American people so ram it down their throats, politely, of course.

If we do nothing, nothing gets done.  Are We the People warriors or sheep?  I say warriors so please get this distributed so we can reach as many as possible to fight back.  Letter:

March 4, 2021

Rep. Jodie Arrington, 1109 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515, Speaker of the House, Texas State Legislature, Dale Phelan, State Senator Charles Perry and Texas State Rep. Kyle Biedermann

Re: H.R. 1 – Election Integrity

Dear Rep. Arrington:

I left the following information with your DC staffer this morning via phone. This letter is to reinforce the constitutional issue regarding Lucifer’s Democrat/Communist Party USA’s attempt to continue stealing elections in the future.

Congress has ZERO legislative authority to dictate or attempt to force the states of the Union how they will or will not conduct elections. Congress only has jurisdiction for federal elections.

Joseph Story, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833:

“Another not unimportant consideration is that the powers of the general government will be, and indeed must be, principally employed upon external objects, such as war, peace, negotiations with foreign powers and foreign commerce. In its internal operations it can touch but few objects, except to introduce regulations beneficial to the commerce, intercourse and other relations, between the states, and to lay taxes for the common good.

“The powers of the states, on the other hand, extend to all objects, which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, and liberties, and property of the people, and the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the state.”

Tenth Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Foster v. Love, U.S. Supreme Court, 1997 (9-0) – That case was brought forward because it was a dispute over federal and state elections. Congress can set law (which it did) regarding federal elections.

Federal elections end ON election day at midnight, not 3 days later as what happened in PA. Their ignorant Supreme Court allowed mail-in ballots be counted 3 days after election day. Elections which are undecided by midnight are void. That is federal law. That’s what Foster v. Love reinforces.

A candidate who has a commanding lead his/her opponent cannot overcome by midnight, he/she wins. As Trump was ahead 700,000 votes in PA before midnight, he won the election as Cheater China Joe could not make up the difference.

If neither candidate has a clear lead, the election is null and void. All six contested states were in violation of federal election law. As well as this one: 3 U.S.C. § 7 Electors must be appointed on election day, not certification day.

States of the Union need to understand nullification. It’s not necessary to secede from the Union, which in my opinion would be a tragic mistake. States must exercise their sovereign right to say no to Cheater China Joe’s unconstitutional Executive Orders and any bill he signs into “law” which violate the Constitution. AG Paxton doesn’t even need to file lawsuits.

Nullification has a rich history most Americans and too many politicians know nothing about thanks to the obscene agendas shoved down the throats of America’s children in government indoctrination centers called public schools.

This is what the narrative should be, Congressman Arrington:

Congress has no authority to dictate to the states how their election process shall be conducted. Stop playing in the same sandbox as the socialists and communists in Congress. President Elect (He never conceded) Donald Trump became so popular because he was and is not afraid to stand up to the bullies in Congress and the DNC’s MSM.

As long as there are electronic voting and electronic counting machines, we will never have fair elections. I’ve been on vote fraud since 1993. I know exactly how it’s done and it will continue because while corporations who own voting machines like Dominion declare their machines are accurate, that is a lie.

It’s imperative the GOP retake the House of Representatives (which I firmly believe was stolen in 2018 through vote fraud) but that will not happen until as many states as possible get rid of mail in ballots, ballot harvesting; photo ID mandatory as well as signature verification and culling of voter rolls on a constant basis.

Elections must end at midnight because election day means just that. Early voting gives the dullards out there who scream the loudest about voter suppression more than enough time to go vote. We all remember the absurd ‘hanging chads’ event and the imbecillic arguments about poor voters who didn’t understand how to poke a hole.

That’s why Republicans in the House and Senate MUST fight back using the Tenth Amendment.

In closing, please make this information available to your Republican colleagues both in the House and Senate and tell Pelosi she can pass all the election integrity bills she wants but they will only apply to federal elections. This information should be made available to all 50 states GOP state chairmen/women so they can make sure their state legislatures know the law and how to stop this Machiavellian move by Democrats in Congress.

The real question is will Republicans in Congress and state legislatures stand up and say H.R. 1 can only apply to federal elections, period? *End*


Also, I hope everyone will get on the phone TODAY to their U.S. House rep – especially if a Democrat.  The Senate passed the monster spending bill disguised as COVID relief.  Only 9% will be spent on that, the rest is beyond sickening.  There is still $1 TRILLION left unspent from the last “stimulus” package, so why not use that?A big chunk of “money” in this round won’t even be spent until 2022-2024 – election years.  How convenient.

ILLEGAL ALIENS will receive the $1,400 “stimulus” check, if married, $2,800 plus a per child bonanza for each one they smuggled across the border.  Illegals who have NO right to be on U.S. soil while our children and grand children will bear the burden of that $1.9 TRILLION dollar DEBT Democrat wet dream.  ALL BORROWED.

Expert: Biden’s COVID Aid Package Will Result in Between 5 and 7 Million Fewer Americans Being Employed

Who else gets a check?

Dylann Roof who is on death row in a federal cage for murdering nine people in a church.  Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  Drug trafficker Aaron Shamo serving life in prison.  Hard core criminals will receive $1,400 checks.  How does that sit with you? The IRS did try to stop this last year but some judge said, oh, no, they get stimulus checks.

And the crap of BILLIONS to open schools is just that.  This round is $130 BILLION.  You open the damn schools just like you normally do after summer break.  $230 BILLION to bail out Democrat cities and states allegedly due to tax revenue lost because of the Plandemic.  No, it’s because those cities were drowning in debt pre-March 2020.

To contact your House criminal out in DC:  www.house.gov

Help me inform Americans with my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions.  400 pages of facts and solutions on these issues: “Federal” Reserve, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more.  800-955-0116 for phone orders

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This is a must read:  HR 1 Makes Election Fraud & Chaos Permanent – The Democrat legislation aims to secure their power by any and all means necessary. “The bill would also force states to accept mail-in ballots for 10 days after Election Day.”  Violation of federal law which is why my letter (and yours) is critically important:  State legislatures apparently do not know election day ends at midnight on election day.

Vile Democrats and their sycophants all chant there was no vote fraud.  Cheater China Joe won fair and square.  Biden is not our president, period, and I will never refer to him as president.

Justice of the peace and three others arrested on 150 counts of voter fraud in Texas

This is a good example of cases of vote fraud cases prosecuted in Texas from 2005 – August 2020. 18 pages.

Texas Attorney General Paxton Says “No Election Fraud” Myth Is Driven By Lack of Investigations  (Think FBI as well as rotten, corrupt local counties like Maricopa in AZ.)

All new since Feb. 1, 2021

Four Months After the 2020 Election in Georgia, Over 400,000 Absentee Ballots are Missing Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation, Yet Biden Was Given the State by 12,000 Votes

BIG NEWS FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE! Secretary of State Gardner Agrees to Forensic Audit of Windham’s Voting Machines AND Ballots

BREAKING: Antrim County Clerk and Material Witness, Sheryl Guy, DISMISSES Election Fraud Case – Judge Overrules Her Decision – Reinstates Case

Judge Orders Election Do-Over after 78% of Mail-in Ballots Proved Fraudulent — Notary Arrested

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Ballots In Arizona’s Maricopa County Found Shredded and In Dumpster – Days Before Senate Audit To Begin

Where the hell is their Attorney General?  Arson is used to destroy evidence:  After Finding Shredded Ballots in the Dumpster Earlier Today – A Mysterious Fire Breaks Out at Maricopa County Official’s Farm

Why Has Wisconsin Done Nothing With the 200,000 Ballots Its Supreme Court Claimed Were Likely Invalid In the 2020 Election? – If you live in WS, this what you should demand your state rep and senator provide an answer.

Two Paterson City Council Democrats Indicted on Voter Fraud Charges After Using Mail-In Ballots to Steal Election

Data Expert Claims His Team Has Identified Enough Fraudulent Ballots in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin to Overthrow the Election

Insurrection! Democrats Are Now Trying to Steal Iowa Republican’s House Seat

Top Democrat Elections Attorney Marc Elias Agrees With Republicans that Voting Machines Are Unreliable and Invalid

European countries banned mail-in voting while the U.S. allows it. Even during COVID. Because it affords fraud.”

GA Omnibus Bills Wont Prevent Election Fraud Like November 2020-Heres Why

Republicans passed it anyway

Democrat claims Dominion voting machines robbed him of victory

STOP THE STEAL: GOP Lawmakers in Swing States Move to Prevent Democrat Fraud and Return Voting Systems to Pre-2020 Rules

BOMBSHELL: Time Magazine Admits How the 2020 Election Was “Rigged”

Nigerian Citizen Was Dominion -County Technician– For Fulton County In 2020 Election-Nigeria Was Involved With Cambridge Analytica In Election Manipulation

Cassidy and Tillis: RINO’s Betraying Voters at Record Speeds

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